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Saturday 8 June 2013

The Durham Show 2013

As the title suggests, our little group eschewed going to the club for a game to attend one of our favourite shows, run each year in June by Durham Wargamers.

I took a few pictures ... quite a lot got very blurred so couldn't be included here - I wasn't even drunk!

On with the show....

The friendly Durhamers on the entrance, only £2.00 to get in, yay!, more to spend on figures!

One of the display games, Eastern front.
 A Warhammer 40,000 game, with Titans (albeit titchy ones!) 
20mm WW2 anyone? 
Space Marines, obviously deserters from the Titan game! 
 Where I spent most of my dosh, Wargames Factory and all the other plastic figure companies were on the other side of this stand.
 Another display game, looks like Desert Storm?
I picked up 2 more Albatross DVa's for Wings of Glory from here. 
 Some nice bits and bobs on this stand..
Ian, as usual perusing books!  
Lloyd joined Ian and Lawrence at the 4-ground stand, they got some WW2 buildings which will probably appear here on my blog soon!
Nice figures!? 
 Out in a different hall was the bring and buy...and this game, apparently a French colonial game, nice figures and terrain.
One of the players! 
 Got to love that gunboat!
Well, that's the show, its not a big one, but always one I enjoy, the people are nice and I always end up spending more than I planned!

Oh - the joys of being a Wargamer!

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  1. The "Desert Storm" gasme was me! and yes it di get a tad crowded at times....