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Sunday 2 June 2013

Stargate 3: Jacob's ladder

Yesterday (Saturday), we did another Stargate adventure using my own Stargate rules, We had a force of 3 SG teams - SG2, in command was Lawrence, SG4 was led by Ian, and SG15 by Gareth.

The scenario is based in the period where the SGC is seeking Naquadah deposits and alien artifacts (roughly season 3!) - a light reconnaissance by a single SG team in the past has pencilled in P3X 228 as possibly worth further investigation, it is a primitive planet, but there are traces of Naquadah near the gate, making it likely an old Naquadah mine might be present, which might still provide stocks of Naquadah.

After several weeks, having time to check again, the SGC are initially unable to dial the gate. A second attempt an hour later succeeds, and a drone is sent through to find out who has been using the gate, it being unlikely the primitive locals are.
The drone detects nothing abnormal near the gate, but to be safe, Gen. Hammond sends 3 SG teams to do a detailed reconnaissance in reasonable force.

The Stargate opens... 
The village near the gate seems deserted, or the occupants are hiding? 
 SG15, on point secure the DHD and survey the area around the gate. 
SG2 takes the right... 
 SG4 enters while SG15 advances to place Claymores to cover the gate.
Having reported to the SGC that all is quiet, the gate shuts down. 
SG2 moves down the road toward the village in the distance. 
SG4 follows, while 15, having set the gate defences moves to join them. 
SG2 think they see movement in the town, and take cover. 
SG15 move behind, also trying to keep out of sight. 
Their hunch was right ...
A group of 8 Serpent guards approach their position. 
The Jaffa advance cautiously, weapons at the ready. 
The SG teams open fire.. 
A Jaffa falls dead, the rest are confused!  
 The Jaffa retreat to cover in the woods. 
The SG commander must decide what to do, they are detected, and there must be more Jaffa  than the ones they have seen.
 SG15 moves to outflank the Jaffa.
 A horn is heard, and several groups of Jaffa appear in and around the village. 
 A group appear from the opposite side of the table.
 The SG team commander panics, and pulls his men back towards the Stargate. 
Is this the end of the mission?
 Most of the Jaffa begin searching the village.
 3 groups of Jaffa move to support their forward group 
 The SG teams discuss what to do, clearly, a run across the open to the gate would be suicidal, so the only option is to fight.
They lay more Claymores in the wood on their flank and go to face the Jaffa!
 The first group of Jaffa, now supported moves forward again...
 They see SGs 15 and 4 moving round the flank and injure one of SG15s men.
The SG men return fire, but it only keeps the Jaffas heads down! 
Still, the Jaffa decide to return to cover in the wood! 
SG2 shoot them as they retire. 
 2 of the Jaffa groups hear the shooting and advance on SG2.
 Other Jaffa are still searching the village.
 Th SG teams avoid a frontal confrontation and slip round the flank of the advancing Jaffa.
 The first group of Jaffa are virtually wiped out by the ambush. 
The Jaffa in the village move to engage in support of them. 
The SG men slip back into the woods. 
 They proceed to outflank this group too. 
 The Jaffa move towards the original SGC position, but one group on the road halt - threatening the SGs plans.
Unaware, the SG teams may be running into an ambush themselves. 
 One of them spots the Jaffa in time, and they mass for the expected attack.
The Jaffa cautiously approach the wood, and the unseen tau'ri. 
 The SG teams charge the Jaffa firing. 
The jaffa are routed, but another group appears on the flank of SG2 from the village. 
 The other Jaffa close from the far side.
SG2 and 4 massacre the Jaffa from the village. 
SG4 and 15 move to engage the Jaffa in their rear. 
SG2 follow up the routing village Jaffa with fire. 
 They are no longer a threat!
 2 of the Jaffa groups begin to retreat toward the Stargate.
 Another group are behind the SG troops, who mass again to fight them.
 The poor Jaffa see nothing and continue on.
The result is never in doubt! 
 Meanwhile, General Hammond contacts the SG leader as an hour has passed without contact. Assured that all is going well, Hammond breaks contact. 
 The other Jaffa still cautiously retreat towards the gate. 
However, the Jaffa do not go towards the gate, but toward ambush positions on the approach to it. 
 SG 2 and 15 are watching however, and open fire at long range...
 A Jaffa dies.
Meanwhile, SG4 is looking through the village. 
They find only a deserted Elizabethan English level village. What were the Jaffa looking for? 
 The Jaffa at the gate move to dial out, but the Claymores kill or wound half of them.
SG2 reach the Dias at the end of the village, a small female with several of the locals appear from thin air. 
 The female asks the SG men to leave the planet, and 'take their violent ways with them' . When questioned she tells them she is San'ra, sister of Lya, the Nox SG1 had met. She is one of very few Nox who travel from their homeworld using their skills to help developing societies, and protect them. 
The villagers return to their homes, and more appear magically on the Dias when another group leave. As the SG teams move back to the Stargate, the Jaffa and their casualties have all disappeared, all has returned to normal.
However, in all the excitement, no-one thought to ask about the Naquadah...

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  1. Excellent stuff! Love your SG games. Currently working on my own one and have a few Jaffa but only have enough figures for two SG teams at the moment!