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Saturday 8 June 2013

A sunny Durham!

I took a few pictures of Durham on my way up to the show, If you aren't interested, please jump straight to the Durham show link!

I got off the train in Durham, and headed straight up to Gilesgate, where the show was being held in the Vale Tempest hall...

At the bottom of the station stairs, I had to avoid all the happy shoppers heading into Durham in their cars!
Gilesgate is on the far side of Durham, which I skirted to the East. 
The cathedral and castle, over the river Wear. 
Durham itself is a nice place to visit and shop in, especially when its sunny like today! 
The river weaves back  round the hill Durham is on. The students row their little boats on here!
past Durham, the ground rises towards Gilesgate. 
Gilesgate, at last, even steeper here! 
The nice village green. 
 Hidden in the distance a few hundred yards, the show!

Now go to The Durham show