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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Sikh and Destroy!

As the title (Phil's idea!) -suggests, we did colonial this week before the easter break!

We decided on a platoon sized force of Sikhs and redcoats trying to clear a force of 'Wily Pathans' from a road junction, to allow free passage of supplies to begin again.

The battlefield
Ian's nice new dried river bed!
The Brave Brits and Stalwart Sikhs advance in skirmish line
A small group of Afghans fires on the advancing host!
One of my redcoats is wounded..
On the left of the British line more Afghans kill a Sikh scout!
The Sikhs return effective fire.
The Afghans get the message...
My men take another wound as they close with the enemy.
Losing command and control the men attack with the bayonet..
The dice did the rest!
The extreme British right encounters more Afghans in the riverbed.
The British advance quickly to the attack
My men join in the attack from a hill.
The Afghans, caught between 2 fires, start to lose men.
..but bravely fight on!
The Afghan shooting is poor, only wounding a man in Lawrences force.
..and disabling one of mine!
Finally, the Sikhs lend long range fire support to the British.
The Afghans hold the riverbed tenaciously..
..To the last man!
The other Afghans decide discretion is the better course!
The river defence cleared, the British continue their advance..
From here on, it was a matter of flushing out small groups of Afghans..
The Afghans are brave, and several groups fight to the last man.
Others charge in desperation to certain death.

The last group makes its last stand..
..and charges!
..with the obvious result.
This ends the battle, the last Afghans flee, leaving the Sikhs and British the field!

The post action report would describe the action as a brisk action against light opposition.
Sometimes the solo system lets you win easily....but not often!

It was still fun!


British: Lawrence and me
Sikhs: Phil and Ian

Rules: Our own of course!


  1. Nice AAR my friends are getting into ZULUS and are looking for a solo system. Are you using a published set or rules or your own?

    1. Hi Sean!

      Thanks for that.

      My rules are free to download at: http://tynesidewargames.co.uk/downloads.html

      Hope they are what you are looking for!