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Wednesday 16 March 2011

How to use my Skirmish (solo rules) system!

Greetings all! --  ご挨拶  元気で (to all my Japanese readers)

As promised, Here is the second part of my explanation of how to use my 'Risk Factor' solo system. This time I am using the French and Indian war rules, as it uses the same charts etc as the Colonial rules etc. Its a 'Last of the Mohicans' type scenario...

Hawkeye, Chinganchook and Uncas are escorting the two Munroe sisters to the relative safety of a farmhouse. Close to the farm, Hawkeye becomes suspicious of the quiet....

Hawkeye and Chinganchook lead, with Uncas bringing up the rear.

The farmhouse is only 200 yds away...

Maybe those hidden markers are all dummy markers....

Hawkeye throws his 3D6 for command and scores 13, as his people are all loyal, he could command 13 of them if in command radius, he only has 4 companions, so is in command easily! (The green die would dictate what they would do if he had not scored more than 3)

As Hawkeye can see nothing, his Risk Factor (RF) is 0, and as the result is in blue, commanded figures can act as the player wishes instead.

Hawkeye and Chinganchook decide to scout ahead and cross the open ground quickly to a rocky outcrop...

The Munroe sisters, in their long skirts are unable to keep up, so stay in cover with Uncas.

Now its the turn of 'Les Francaises'. A D6 is thrown for each hidden marker able to see Hawkeyes move.

They are all at RF of 0 too, so need a 6 to move. Otherwise they smoke, make Wampum or whatever!

No sixes here....

Or here...

So we return to Hawkeyes party, His command rolls total 12 so he is still in command.
The Munroes and Uncas do a dainty dash to the rocks while Hawkeye and Chinganchook climb on the rocks, going half speed so they can shoot any hostiles they meet.

the first marker spotted is a dummy.

So back to the forces of darkness..... still no sixes! - they stay put again!

Hawkeye dices 11 for command, still ok at RF0

Hawkeye and Chinganchook move slowly round the rocks and run into a small party of Huron!

Our 2 heroes fire their rifles...

Chinganchook hits the rock, but a shot from Hawkeye hits a warrior...

..and the +1 hit kills him!

The Hurons throw a 6 and consult the Action chart, they are +1 RF for 10% casualties and +1 for seeing the enemy. They are not totally in cover against Hawkeye.

So at RF of 2, they throw a 6! - Advance and charge if in reach!

2 of the fierce Hurons reach Hawkeye...

He is a Hero (+1) facing an extra enemy (-1) but still wins by 1. They both threw a 5+ for an effective hit, but Hawkeye won, and with a 6 kills one of the Hurons!

Still in command, Hawkeye rushes another Huron while Chinganchook and Uncas take on another one..

Hawkeye scores a 3 (+1 for Hero) and the Huron a 1 - and is pushed back.

Chinganchook gets a 3  but the Huron gets a 5! - that would wound, but he is -1 for facing Uncas too, so Chinganchook is pushed back instead.

 The Hurons get a halt in their turn, so Hawkeye and co push on in their turn causing a pushback only....

The Hurons throw a 4 at RF6 (-3 for retreating in melee, -1 for losses, -1 for seeing enemy, -1 for Uncas moving on their flank, and they break off to head for cover to their rear.

As they go, Hawkeye and Chinganchook load their rifles, but Uncas levels his rifle...

He hits with a 6 ....

...and drops the Huron with a 5.

The Hurons throw a 1 at RF7 (-3 retreating, -3 10% losses, -1 can see enemy in range) - and scatter!

The way to the farmhouse is open.....

I hope this shows how the system works. There is a degree of interpretation needed at times as can be seen from the melee, Uncas moving round the flank of the cowering Hurons would not normally count as 'Enemy to flank' but in this circumstance I felt  it seemed right. Anyway, solo opponents don't complain!

If you have any problems still or queries, please contact me via my E-Mail address on the Blog header.

The rules, as ever, are on the club website: http://tynesidewargames.co.uk/downloads.html

I do have several other rules not on there though! If you want to see my Wild West , Crimea - ACW skirmish, Napoleonic skirmish or Border Reaver ones, I will happily PDF them and send them on, just E-Mail me!

(Having read the first comment below) -If you want me to try to adapt this system to any area of skirmish gaming not so far covered, I may be able to do so for you, but i will need to have some interest in the period to do it well--- just don't all E-Mail at once!

Happy gaming!


  1. Good stuff, I'm looking for easy, fun skirmish rules like this but for modern/sci-fi, I will go and have a look at the web link.

  2. Seems like a nice system. Certainly simpler than Sharp Practice. I would be interested in your Napoleonic Skirmish Version. bandrsntchATwavecableDOTcom