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Saturday, 23 November 2019

Albatross, lovely Albatross!

Today, we returned to the air over Flanders with Wings of Glory WW1.

We played against my solo system, and got a good game!

Rhys had an American Spad XIII, I had a Nieuport 17, and Phil a Sopwith Triplane.
 Our opponents, three Albatros DVa's
 We closed at speed, my Nieuport lagging behind!
Phil got hit in the engine, but nearly got as good damage on one of the Boche!
 The lines passed each other...
 Green tail and Rhys' Spad turned in on either flank.
Phil and I 'Immelmanned' but Phil's guns jammed! 
I got another ineffective shot against Stripey tail...
 ...but was hit..Hard..by Green tail's flank attack!
 Phil tried to help, but his guns were still jammed! 
Rhys was hit by Stripey tail, who had 'Immelmanned', but hit Black tail. I got Stripe tail but jammed my guns! 
Phil had time to unlock his guns... 
 ...The Albatrossen were after Rhys and me!
Rhys caught Black tail. 
 Phil got a long range shot at Green tail.
 Stripey and I were out of position!
My guns were still jammed (sigh!) 
 Stripey began a swooping turn back into the melee.
Phil continued harassing Green tail.  
Stripey was now threatening his tail too, though. 
 Rhys and I were drifting out of the action...
 ...I Immelmanned to threaten Stripey.
 Rhys was taking his time to get a good attacking position.
 Black tail cut in and fired at me, but I took no damage!
 Green tail Immelmanned and flew past Phil's tripe.
 Soon, two Albatrossen were heading for him.
 Rhys distracted one...
 ...but Stripey would not be diverted.
 Green tail started circling with Rhys.
 I was trying to engage Black tail.
 Phil got the better of a nose to nose meet!
 He then flew past Stripey. 
Green tail was trying to get on the rear of Rhys's Spad. 
 I was trying the same with Black tail.
 Stripey was turning to rejoin the battle.
 I was too slow to follow an Albatross, so I turned away from Black tail.
 Stripey and Green tail move to combine their strength.
 Black tail is far ahead of the Spad.
Rhys turned to chase Black tail... 
 ...But the German passed him easily by a sharp turn.
I was evading the attentions of the other two Albatrossen. 
 I turned to join the Triplane.
Rhys didn't  try to turn with Black tail.
Phil and I caught Stripey and Green tail, and guess what? - my guns jammed again! 
Rhys turned to join us. 
 The Albatrossen and our planes passed without firing.
 Rhys was still turning...
 I turned to escape the two Germans, Phil made full use of his plane's rotary engine to attack Black tail!
 Rhys was...still turning!
 ...he finally joined Phil chasing Black tail.
 I was turning with Green tail...
 ...I turned sharper and hit the German hard!
Stripey Immelmanned to help. 
Phil was keeping Black tail occupied. 
Rhys failed to hit Stripey. 
 I was trying to get on Green tails...tail!
 Black tail evaded to Triplane's attack.
 Stripey tried to attack Rhys, and was lucky to escape the Triplane.
 I was still jousting with Green tail.
 Black tail turned to rejoin the battle.
Green tail was trying to get on MY tail! 
 I turned and escaped an attack by Green tail.
 Stripey was engaged with Phil...
...a sharp right turn evaded Phil... 
...briefly! - but Phil was firing blanks! 
Rhys and I passed Green tail, without getting a shot. 
Phil was back harassing Stripey.
The other two Germans turned together. 
I turned faster than Rhys. 
The Germans turned to meet us. 
 Who would get the first shot?
Stripey turned across Phil. 
The situation from above at this point. 
Rhys and I turned to help Phil. 
 I got another nose to nose attack.
 Green and Black tail were turning to re-engage.
 Stripey managed to evade all our attacks.
 I turned to engage the other two Albatrossen. 
I ended up nose to nose with Black tail, who shot me down before exploding!
 At least I just crashed...
...the poor German was toast! 
The surviving four planes began circling. 
 Stripey engaged Phil and Rhys.
 We passed without incident. 
Phil and Green tail Immelmanned. 
 Green turned in on Phil and got on his tail.
 Phil Immelmanned again and evaded.
 Phil began to converge with Stripey.
 Stripey turned in and passed Phil's attack.
 Rhys re-engaged.
 Green tail managed a flank shot on him, as he attacked Stripey.
 Stripey turned to evade.
Rhys doggedly kept after him. 
 Phil caught Green tail who Immelmanned at the wrong time!
Stripey attacked past Green tail and walloped Phil! 
Green tail evaded Rhys by another Immelmann... 
...Phil's Triplane fell from the sky. 
 With no-one to support him...
 ...Rhys wisely decided to return home, the Albatrossen couldn't keep up!
So, a victory for the Germans and the solo system!


  1. Very cool! Just found your site and solo system and can't wait to try it out. Love the after action report.

    1. Thanks Tom! If you have any problems, let me know and I will try to help!