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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Defending the colonies

Today, we returned to doing French and Indian war skirmish, using my own rules 
As a quick scenario, on one of Lawrence's lovely table arrangements, we decided to have a dozen men each, Phil had a dozen local militia, Lawrence a dozen Roger's Rangers, and I had 12 Dunn's Rangers. Our mission was to rescue 2 ladies from the homestead and stop a band of Hurons burning down the settlement.

The table from the French side. 
 The homestead containing the fair damsels!
 Our men deployed within sight of the homestead.
The damsels in distress? 
 The Hurons arrived opposite us...
The French commander (left) led some Hurons and milice on the  French right...
 In their centre, it was found the stream was tricky to cross, units needing to cross had to throw a 5+ (D6) to get across.
 The French left probed through the woods.
 My Rangers were directed to hold the right, so headed to the little bridge near the house.
 The militia went up the road to rescue the ladies, while Lawrence led his Roger's Rangers to cover the left.
 The Hurons between the stream fork were initially unable to cross safely.
They advanced the right flank... 
 ...and the left.
My men crossed the stream. 
Lawrence sent his men quickly up to ambush positions facing the French right. 
One of the trapped warbands managed to ford the stream. 
The French right came in sight of the house. 
 The left were trying to move behind the homestead.
 My Rangers sorted themselves out and prepared to enter a wood overlooking the homestead.
 The militia persuaded the ladies to leave their home.
Lawrence engaged the French command group. 
 One of the Milice was wounded.
The militia detached 2 men to escort the ladies to safety while the rest moved to occupy the homestead. 
The Milice fired back ineffectually against the Rangers. 
 In the French centre, the warbands were massing for an attack on the homestead.
 Their left was probing forward towards my Ranger's position, but neither we or they had spotted the other as yet.
 The first Huron arrived at the stream opposite the homestead.
 Phil's Militia took up positions in the large homestead. 
 Lawrence was still skirmishing with the French commander!
 Another Milicier was hit, this time mortally. 
 The women-folk were now safely on the road to another homestead.
Phil's militia began taking pot shots at the Hurons over the stream.
 The Huron's responded in kind, and their left hand unit began to cross the stream...
   They came under fire from my hidden Rangers.
A couple fell...
...the rest retreated out of danger.
A group of Hurons were skirmishing and probing... 
... with Lawrence's men.
The Hurons found crossing the stream difficult, and were being hit from the defenders of the Homestead.
Still they fought on! 
 The Hurons on their left came in sight of my men and fired...
...one of my men fell dead. 
My men fired back, but rather ineffectively.  
The Hurons, stung by my fire, charged!
In the initial melee, one of my men got a hatchet in the head!
The 2 survivors of my right hand unit ran for their lives.
Lawrence's men were being attacked too...
...as was Phil in the Homestead! ...
...his men made a sterling defence. 
Lawrence's Rangers decided against his wishes to charge the Hurons, but the Hurons were soon killing Rangers. 
Lawrence's men also fled. 
 Lawrence's other group fired at the victorious Hurons, who had stopped to scalp their victims, and scattered them.
 The survivors fled for their lives too.
Phil had beaten his opponents too, who broke and ran. 
Even my wing was saved when my remaining Rangers routed the Hurons there too.
The French commander sounded the retreat! 
Amazingly, on the verge of victory, the Hurons broke off! New York state is safe again!


Elsewhere in the club, they were doing another X-Wing game. At the end of it the Millennium Falcon was heading for Hyperspace...
...The Imperial fighters had virtually wiped the Rebels out!

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