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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Clone Wars! A play test of the new supplement!

Today, we did Star Wars skirmishing again, this time with my newly finished WOTC Clone Wars figures. The bases were not finished yet, and I still have a lot more to paint up, but we had enough to have a game!
Lawrence got Captain Rex and 5 clones, I just ran a sergeant with another 5. I have painted them in the colours of the mighty 501st!

The scenario was our section returning from a patrol finding our base had been overrun by Seppies, our job...to Clear Them Out!

Rex directed me to take the lead.
(As normal,  I had placed Portal Markers along our likely lines of approach, the more that could spot any of our men dictates the number and type of enemy to appear)
 My sergeant, 5247 'Burnem' lead my half section across a dry stream.
 A Droid patrol spotted me.

'Heyy, you're not supposed to be here!'
'Die, Republic scum!'
Burnem ducked back as laser bolts shredded the greenery he was hiding behind!. My men fired back at the droids from the cover of the stream edge. 
2 droids were quickly just scrap metal! 
Rex and the other brothers arrived...
...Moments later - the last droid got wasted!
 Attracted by the fire, another patrol replaced them!  
 These put up a stiffer fight.
 My men ran past them, leaving Rex's men to finish up.
My men pushed the portal markers away from where they had been observing us. 
 I was clearing the way to our base. The trouble with herding portal markers can be eventually be spotted by a stack of them! Asajj Ventress or general Grievous appearing would end our game rather quickly!
Rex was having a job finishing of the last 2 droids! 
 I was forced to wait for him to catch up!
The last droid simply refused to die! Where was a Jedi when you needed one!
Most of Rex's men left a couple of clones to finish up and moved after me. 
 I decided to move forward in extended order to sweep the Portals away.
 Rex finished the last droid...finally!
 As I approached the base, a group of Super Battle droids appeared...
 ...while another group of Battle droids appeared behind me.
 I had my men fall back to try and take on the Clankers in the open.
Rex now led his men against the Battle droids attacking my rear. 
 As the Big Clankers pushed forward, I prepared a blasting cap.
Behind me, Rex allowed the Battle droids to advance... 
...before surprising them and taking them all down! 
However, they were surprised in turn by another patrol. 
 My bomb took out 2 of the Big Clankers.
Rex and his men outclassed the Battle droids... 
Rex finished off the last droid with a head shot! 
 My men were still firing at the 2 remaining Super Battle droids, our fire just couldn't take them out
Rex began to sweep the base behind me. 
Finally, one of the Clankers collapsed! ...
 ...followed by the other!
With the way clear, both half sections swept the remaining portals away... 
 ...We had secured our base!
Go, Clones!

I have done a modification to the firing rules - which we used during this game. Basically, I have done away with the 'Worse' line, and replaced it with a rule meaning you count enough enemy figures to double the defenders firepower/defence total, and any superfluous figures count as a +1 for each one to the die roll, making a kill far more likely.

How this worked in our game can be seen in my last fight with the Super Battle Droids. At short range my men had 4 firepower, while the four droids had 5.
The 4 droids therefore have 20 points. My 6 Clones have 24. I was still at risk.
My solution was to throw a grenade/ Droid popper, which took out 2 SBD's - the new firepower total for them was now a more manageable 10.
In the following firefights, My men (24pts) against the Droids (10pts) I needed 5 clones to get a 2:1, I had a clone extra, so the dice to hit the droids was at a plus 1!
When I had killed another droid, making their total 5, I needed 3 clones (12pts) to get a 2:1, leaving the other 3 as a Plus 3 to the die roll. That clanker was toast!

The new version rules will be on our website soon. Till then just e-mail me at richardbradley5@gmail.com and I will send them direct!  

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