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Saturday 10 June 2017

The Durham show 2017

Today, we had no regular club as it was the excellent little Durham show again, another chance to meet people and buy shiny new toys!

We were greeted and charged a couple of quid for entry!

Most of our club were there, including Lawrence (left), Andy and Phil!
  In the first hall, we came across Colonel Bill's...
They always have a lovely display... 
...  and a good selection of 4Ground buildings! 
Figures...and acrylic paints.
 Next, Tumbling dice, who have a nice range of Naval and Air models.
they are very nice - if a bit small for my failing eyesight! 
Taking up a lot of the hall was a single large medieval game...
... Despite the set on the table, they were not using Lion Rampant... but a modified version of Tony Clipsom's set:  Foray!
...the villages were very pretty...
The figures were quite dynamic models!
Loved the artillery!
It appeared to be a demo game, with players getting a retinue to play with.
 Sadly, this was probably my last visit to Charlie at Northumbria games...
they are.... 
So long Charlie, and thanks for all the figs! 
Irregular were there too... 
...always good to rummage through and find unusual models! 
 Some of their figures are really eye-catching!
 Game of War... (and my favourite picture!) 
 Sadly, they didn't have any asteroids with them today!
I always get a pack if they have them! 
Eagle figures... 
They continue to bring out some new ranges. 
 Very nice indeed!
  Graham's Wuerkshoppe...
 Weird figures, but quite wonderful!
 Always worth a look!

Midlam Miniatures, a fairly local supplier, to us North Easterners!- with a great range of figures!
 ...and games...
 I even got a Boba Fett Imperial Assault model, I have been after one for ages!
I didn't need any more X-Wing models, though the C-Roc cruiser was VERY tempting! 
On to a welcome regular at this show, Dave Thomas' 
 I got a lot of lovely Perry plastic figures here!
They have stacks of Perry metals too! 
and not just Perry miniatures, they stock Gripping beast, Deus Vult, Renedra, to name just a few! 
 The guys just didn't want their picture taken!!!
DT's selection of rule books. 
Pendraken were there too... 
10mm heaven! 

Our friends at Hoka Hey! 
Me getting scolded for taking a picture of her on her phone! 
They now do some absolutely stunning terrain pieces, these are works of art! 
I will have to get some of these - sometime!
Reiver castings (obviously!) -- 
...their lovely Great Northern War figures! 
 ...and equally good 9-years war and WSS ranges.
 Ian from our club apparently scaring the proprietor! 
There was another medieval game in the other hall. 
I think this was 'Lion Rampant' again being used. 
..with some of the nice Hoka Hey figures, these are Border Reivers. 
Redcar Ironbeards had a participation game on... 
Obviously a game based on the Dad's Army show... 
 A nice English village being attacked by the dastardly boche!
 In a separate building (The bowls pavilion) - they had a large ACW game... 
...The battle of Port Republic, which was 155 years ago this week...
Part of Stonewall Jackson's Valley campaign. 
 The rest of the pavilion had the bring-and buy... 

So, that was Durham for another year!

 Thanks to all the lads at Durham for putting it on, and the traders, of course, well done all!!!

Hope to be there again in 2018!

Hope its a less wet day too!


  1. Good extensive report as always, Richard. And nice to see you for a quick chat and photo op! The Durham Show is always pleasant but seemed a little quiet this year. Maybe the weather?

    1. Cheers Andy, it was good to see you too! - I felt it was surprisingly full considering the weather! - the car parks were full, probably for that reason!!

  2. Great to see you too Richard and thanks again for your review. Was a great shot of Ann lol. Thanks to Nigel,John, Mike and others for putting on the Border Reivers game for me. Cheers again to the Durham guys for their efforts in putting on another good show. Alan & Ann ( Hoka Hey)

  3. I note that you have corrected your error regarding Our game and lion rampant - and deleted my comment pointing out said error .......

    1. I thought your original comments rude and rather troll-like.That is why I deleted them.
      In the past when I have made errors, people have simply pointed them out for me to correct, rather than point me to blog posts I had no way of finding or ask for information I thought you already made available. I also was under time constraints and didn't have time to try and engage people busy playing each game. As Norman T Landings said on TMP, having the Lion Rampant rules on the table edge made it look as though they were the rule set being used. I rather suspect a lot of people would have made the same assumption.

  4. And mine as well... There was no malice in my comment, just pointing out who we were and that we welcome comments/questions...

    1. I accept this comment. Really, I felt you were just following on Big Andy's original comment, which I found unreasonable and rather rude in tone. I always delete these.
      I hope you are happy with the blog correction?

    2. No problem at all with the correction, just found it a bit odd about the post deletion, rather than simply replying.

  5. You deleted mine also ... by accident I assume as all I said was thanks for taking the time to put the report together! I still appreciate the work you did, so here it is again, as I am back for another look at the tables :-)

    1. Yes, so sorry! It was an accident while I got rid of the offensive post! Thank you so much for your kind comments!

  6. Great report. I thought the show was a little tired and is in need of a reboot but it still draws the punters in. It's Charlie at Northumbria Games btw.

    1. Thanks for the info! I will correct the blog immediately!