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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Hera again!

After getting a couple of X-Wing games in the last couple of weeks, today I got another! All my gaming partners are ill, on holiday, or visiting relatives!

So today, I decided to try some Imperial models I have had for ages, but never managed to play against yet!.

I decided to try (Star Wars: Rebels) Phoenix squadron again, (after getting their buts kicked by the Mandelorians (LINK) in my last game)- in a made up scenario...

Captain Hera Syndulla is tasked to intercept an Imperial shuttle carrying, it is thought, a new Inquisitor to be based on Mandalore. 

Sato: Captain Syndulla, you will need to take a small force of fighters, and destroy that shuttle, we cannot risk more losses to our capital ships should the Empire become aware of our plans.

Hera: This mission will take us dangerously close to Mandalorian space. I have already had...
... trouble with them!
Sabine: Well this time you must have someone to watch your back, and that someone is me!...

... just don't order me to leave you again! 
Hera: I Promise! -- I trust you Sabine!-- if we do meet the Mandalorians, I can think of no-one better watching my back!

Hera: Phoenix squadron, our target is ahead, looks like 4 Ties escorting the Shuttle.
Hera: Wait, they look unfamiliar? --- Do you recognise them Spectre 5?
Sabine: When I was at the Academy, I think I saw specs on a new type of Imperial starfighter, the Tie Interceptor, this looks like them!, these must be first trial squadron!?
Hera: Well, too late now to do anything about it now, let's see just how easy they are to deal with! --- they wouldn't send them if the cargo wasn't important!
 The Imperials forged forward, keeping formation round the shuttle.
(I had set all the solo run ships at speed 3 to keep them together till we got within 24")
We initially kept formation.
We got within range.... 
The right hand Tie signaled the presence of our force to the Imperials.  
 I ran Hera, and decided to slow down my A-Wing to come level with Sabine and Phoenix-2 so I wouldn't take all the return fire!
Hera: Phoenix squadron, break and attack!.. Focus your fire on that shuttle! 
The fire was confused and intense! 
 Hera got a great hit on the shuttle!
 ...Down to 2 shields!
Sabine hit another... 
 ...as did Phoenix-3!
The Ties evaded all the fire directed at them. 
Sabine lost a shield. 
Hera Koiogran turned as the formations passed through each other... 
 Hera got a good hit on a Tie, despite its evasive rolls! 
His ship was damaged, and lost 1 agility. 
 Two of the Ties were still protecting the shuttle.
They turned and concentrated their fire on Hera!
Hera was lucky just to lose a shield!
 The rest of Phoenix squadron was dog-fighting with the Tie Hera had damaged.
Phoenix 4 got another hit on it, due to the Interceptor's reduced agility!
The shuttle, meanwhile,  seemed to be heading for the table edge, and safety. 
The Ties were very manoeuverable and managed to get some good shots in, fortunately, the A-Wing is as nippy as the Tie-I! 
 I got on the tail of another Tie, managing to evade a second Tie trying to come behind me.
I Koiograned to engage the following Tie... 
...covered by Sabine and the rest of Phoenix squadron.
Hera hit the wounded Tie... 
...Which exploded! 
We were now clear to chase the shuttle... 
Sabine and Phoenix-4 were keeping the other 3 Ties occupied. 
 Hera: Phoenix squadron, break off. The Shuttle has just jumped into Hyperspace!
Back on the Ghost, Hera reported to Admiral Sato about the new and dangerous fighters the Empire was using....
...and report the failure of the mission. 

Sato: Do not worry, Captain, at least we have warning of the Empire's new squadron, and can plan accordingly. Whatever the shuttle was carrying, we will find out soon enough, I am sure!
At least you all got back, safe and well, we can be thankful for that!

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