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Sunday 13 November 2016

Return of the Fokkers...

Yesterday, we had a couple of games of Wings of Glory at the club, at the request of Frankie, who had a few planes and had not used them in ages. We are always happy to play this fun game, so we agreed!
I first gave Frankie (who had arrived first) a trial game with his Spad XIII against a Fokker Triplane, which, he discovered, although lacking speed, can still chase a Spad all over the sky!

Lawrence now arrived, so we set up a proper game, again against my solo system - we took Spad XIII's as well, and randomly diced up the dreaded Fokker DVII's as our opponents!

Frankie, with a wars of the roses game (using Pike and Shotte!) in the background!
The trio of Fokkers.
Frankie on the left, me in the centre and Lawrence on the right. 
 The Germans advanced in formation... 
The Americans...less so, as Lawrence turned to outflank the enemy. 
Now, Goring's white DVII appeared on our right....
 Phil, having finished his Tai-Chi - had arrived, and opposite Goring, set up with Rene Fonck's Spad. 
 The Spads in the centre passed through the Fokker line at speed, with neither side getting a shot in, I immelmanned to join Lawrence on the tail of the Fokkers.
I got into action first, causing light damage on the yellow Fokker.
Lawrence was turning to get on the blue Fokkers tail.
The rapidly manoeuvering Fokkers made our position hazardous, the only advantage the Spad had was speed!
Phil, was still approaching...
...as was Herman the German!
Both sides in the centre were reorganizing.
Frankie, having become detached from the main battle, moved to join Phil.
Herman was cruising, waiting for an attack position to present itself.
Lawrence Immelmanned, and caught the red Fokker in flank, but missed
(Overview at this point)
As Frankie and Phil arrived, I got a little damage on the Yellow Fokker
Was Herman ever going to turn? 
I unfortunately now blocked Frankie getting a shot on 'Yellow'!
The blue Fokker now pounced on him!
Herman finally turned!
Deftly avoiding the 2 Spads trying to intercept him and headed to join the other Fokkers.
Phil now got 'Blue' with a good flank shot.
Frankie missed the lucky Herman.
The Fokkers were now together, supporting each other, the Spads were, rather less organized!
Lawrence and Phil got the Fokkers in a 'Sandwich'!
I got a good hit on 'Red', but 'Red' hit Lawrence badly.
Planes were looping out of the melee before diving in again on both sides.
Phil caught 'Red' again as the Fokker turned to engage him.
The Fokker fell in flames.

Lawrence got a lucky shot on Herman, but jammed his guns.
Frankie also shot at Herman... 
...but jammed his guns too!
Lucky Herman the German!
'Yellow' and I went nose to nose, but only my Spad took any damage.
The melee dispersed, each side turning hard to get a shot.
Olivier freiherr von beaulieu marconnay (Blue) immelmanned and caught Lawrence, setting his Spad afire.
Herman hit Phil, things were looking worse for the allies!
I managed to catch Olivier as he turned to engage me.
'Yellow' tried to hit Lawrence's burning plane...
...but got hit instead by Phil.
Herman seemed content to fly in the middle of the battle, unengaged!
Frankie had chased Olivier to the table edge, only for the Fokker to Immelmann and evade him!
I turned to chase Herman.
But suddenly, Lawrence's plane took his final 'Fire' damage card...
...and the doomed Spad plummeted to earth.
I managed to get Herman, but jammed my guns.
Phil turned to join me chasing the white Fokker.
Frankie went after Herman too, but got hit by his nemesis, Olivier!
Phil got another '1' on the retreating Herman.
Frankie, Phil and I all turned to get him, but all we got was a couple more '1's !!!
Yellow and Blue Fokkers were away from the main action.
We were getting in each others way trying to harry Herman!
The other Fokkers were turning to re-engage.
Phil caught 'Yellow' as he approached.
Frankie was suddenly surrounded by the remaining 3 Germans.
Phil's arrival allowed Frankie to speed out of trouble.
Phil and Frankie now combined to chase Olivier.
I was being stalked by 'Yellow', but managed to turn inside him...
It was the first good shot I had had at 'Yellow'...others had done the damage.
I got the glory!
The remaining Fokkers now headed for home. We had finally got a win against the DVII's!

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