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Saturday 19 November 2016

Apache affair

Today, our oft-put-off Colonial game was cancelled yet again as poor Lawrence has a bug.
I therefore grabbed an easy to do game and went to the club.

I had settled on a Wild West skirmish with some gunmen being pursued into a small abandoned settlement by a band of vengeful Apaches. I think I used rather too many though!! - I just like the figures!

I started on my own, as everyone else were doing a big ACW game using Fire and Fury.
The settlement I was to defend.
 I put 2 men on a building at one end of town. 
Me, and my rifle-toting sidekick, were on a building at the other end of town. 
Yikes! Some mounted Apaches appeared opposite me.
 They trotted behind some high ground, were they going to charge straight in?
Nope, they halted in cover. 
Another band of dismounted Apache were approaching from the other side of the table, facing my other two men there. 
Having been made aware of the horsemen, these men had decided to come over to join me. 
The horsemen cantered round the edge of town. 
My sidey and I kept down, waiting to see what the Apache were up to. 
On the other side, the 2 groups of footmen had separated. 
 My other chaps reached the bottom of the stairs only to see Apache ponies!
The Apaches spotted them too!
 An arrow flew, but missed!
 The men retired back into their house!
The Apache horsemen now let their mounts loose, and dismounted. 
My sidey kept down, watching. 
 Phil had now arrived, and took over my 2 men facing the foot Apaches.
These now moved over the rise... 
Almost immediately, Phil's sidekick got shot in the head and chest! 
 The Apaches were jubilant!
 Phil now left the parapet, and went down the roof ladder to escape.
The Apaches followed, warily. 
My sidey now fired at the Apaches on my side.
 They responded, and 2 near misses made my sidekick panic.
I brought him down the stairs to regain his cool. 
The Apache facing Phil must have heard our shooting as they halted. 
 Finally, a small group probed forward to see what was happening.
The other Apaches started ransacking the house, Phil had gone, fortunately!
My sidey was a lot calmer now, so I took him round the side of the house. 
 We saw the 3 Apache scouts and fired!
My sidey's rifle shot one in the gut, he went down like a sack of beans!
The 2 survivors skipped behind a nearby house. 
Phil was engaging the ex horsemen from another house, so I moved up to my roof to support him. 
Phil now crossed his roof and fired at the Apaches opposite. 
 The 2 scouts began filtering round behind the house they had retreated behind.
 The ransacking Apaches sorted themselves out and began opposing Phil. 
Phil shifted across the roof to avoid the return fire and shot at the Apaches opposite me. 
 Good shot!
 The Apaches, unfortunately, had an equally good shot, killing my sidekick! 
The Apaches behind Phil now made a rush for him... 
Phil and I both shot at them, and they retreated back to cover, pronto!
This allowed the Apache horsemen to sneak behind my house.
Phil, seeing our disparity in numbers, had, several turns before, begun dicing for the arrival of reinforcements for us in the form of a marshal and his deputies, and they dutifully arrived, assumedly scattering the Apache ponies en route!
Not soon enough, poor Phil fell, head-shot. 
One of those pesky injuns opposite got 'im! 
 My house was being swarmed by the horsemen, so I fanned my pistol at them as they moved up the stairs, killing one and wounding another!
 The marshal was now being run by Phil, and began advancing...
...The Springfields of the Apaches were still reloading, so this was not too risky! 
The Apaches I had shot had retreated quickly behind the house, so I dashed quickly to the other side! 
 One of the deputies saw an Apache ready to fire...
...and nailed him! 
 I took my chance while the Apaches were still suppressed, and we rode off into the sunset....
 I was the lone survivor, and wished to remain so!

Tough fight! 

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