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Saturday 8 October 2016

OK Gentlemen, start your Injuns!

Today's game was a Wild West game, a sort of follow up game to our previous one (Another one bites the dust)  - My character from that game is out for vengeance against a Mexican bandido who killed my 'pardner'.
I have gathered 2 other gunmen and an Apache scout to help me, and we track the Bandit to another small town in New Mexico where he has gathered another band of Peon henchmen.

The village, and arroyo beyond. 
Il Grande, the bandit with a bounty on his head! 
Lawrence ran the scout, a bow armed brave. he started on the far side of the arroyo. 
I started further down the arroyo, watching the scout. 
Phil started on the other side of town, hidden behind a large rock. 
Alex had a shotgun armed man, and started on the far side of town to myself. My hope was that being attacked from multiple directions would confuse the defenders. 
The defenders were run by the solo system, their possible positions being marked with inverted counters. 
The Apache stealthily crept up the arroyo looking for bandits.  
 He spotted one with a bottle lounging at the bottom of a staircase.
 ..and another relieving himself behind a tree!
The Indian stayed unseen, and proceeded up the arroyo. 
He spotted another bandit on a rooftop, and loosed an arrow... 
 ...the arrow flew by the Mexican, only serving to alert him to our presence!
The counters started moving... 
Phil spotted another bandit behind a bush. 
His shot missed, but the bandit was surprised and confused! 
The Apache continued trying to hit the man on the roof... 
The bandit, fortunately, had no better luck with his shooting!
The arrival of a rifleman changed the odds! 
 The Apache ran for a clump of vegetation. 
The two bandits decided to go after him. 
Alex was carefully surveying the other side of town. He saw a bandit on a roof and fired, but missed.
I entered the other side from Alex, and saw a number of bandits heading for his position.
 2 of them were now exchanging shots with Alex.
 Alex seemed under pressure!
One of the bandits came hunting him! 
 Alex moved forward, keeping safe behind his big rock.
He fired again, hitting nothing, but keeping the bandits focused on him. 
 I saw may chance, and fired...
 My shot hit a bandit in the thigh, and the bandit fell, bleeding to death.
Suddenly, Il Grande himself came out of the building near me! 
We began an ineffective exchange of fire!  
 Back on the Indian front, the Apache was filtering into town.
One of the bandits from the roof came looking...
...but fell to an Apache knife in the chest!

He spotted three markers near the big building...
 Nothing there! Where were the rest of the bad guys?
The other bandit came round the house looking for the wily Apache...
The Apache was doing the same to the Bandido!
This was getting farcical!
The Indian was quickest though and turned a corner...
...just as the bandit was peering round the far corner!
Thunk! he fell with an arrow in the back.
I was getting fired at by 2 bandits now, and the air was gettin' a bit lead filled!
One of them was trying to get me in enfilade.

I was still fighting Il Grande, and an extra gun was more than I could deal with...I fell back to the orroyo 

One of the pistoleers  advanced too incautiously!

Il Grande jeered at me! 'Come out, Gringo!'
Lawrence's Apache crept towards the large building, just as Il Secundo and another bandit came through the gates to help Il Grande...
...The Apache skewered the peon with another arrow...
...and ran, knife in hand at Il Secundo...
..Who wisely skedaddled!
From his new position, the Apache spotted yet another bandit! 
An arrow in the throat!
But what of Alex? The bandit was still stalking him round the rocks. 
 Alex stood his ground, and fired as the bandit tried to rush him. The shotgun fairly almost blew the bandits head off!
Phil saw another bandit passing in front of his position...
He escaped being hit, but decided to skedaddle!
Il Grande gave up hunting me, and fell back to the house.
 Phil arrived behind him and Il Grande turned to fight.
Phil withdrew to cover on a stairwell. 
Il Grande leaned out to fire at him...
The Apache saw him...

Il Grande fell with an arrow in his eye! Phil and I had both wounded him, but it was Lawrences day!
The Bounty (bar) was his!
Phil claimed his share too!
We now went after the last remaining bandit.
Alex joined Phil.
The bandit tried to escape down the stairs, but he fell in a hail of fire.
Vengeance was mine! - but we all enjoyed the game!
Lawrence gets the award for the best fluky die rolls!


On another note, I introduced Alex to my favourite matt varnish, Xtracolor xdff matt varnish, i demo'd it on 40 Zulus, and he had a go on some of his lovely painted sci-fi figures, I think he was pleased with the effect!


  1. Very nice, love these beautiful buildings!

    1. Thanks Phil, as you probably know the buildings are 4ground from their Crescent and cross range: http://www.4ground.co.uk/saga-dark-age-and-crescent-and-cross

  2. Nice looking buildings . Is the club running anything in particular on the 15/10/16 by any chance ? Ta D

    1. The club is doing a few games, I am doing Dark Age skirmish, Ian is doing WW1 Spearhead, there will be Napoleonics and Ancient games on too.

  3. Its good to have a new 'Pardner' to help us shoot up the bad guys!