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Saturday 1 October 2016

Back in the air

Today, I was all on my lonesome, as Lawrence and Alex were unwell.
Good job I had a few planes in my bag!
It gave me a chance to try the last wave 9 plane - the Austro-Hungarian Phoenix!
I decided to fly an Italian Hanriot and have 2 solo system run wingmen, against a wholly solo run Hapsburg force of the Phoenix and 2 Aviatiks.

Link to the solo system rules

So off I went.....

My Hanriot in the centre of the Italian formation.
The Phoenix between 2 Aviatiks. 
Although I don't count special damage (except the BANG!) for solo run planes, I decided the Phoenix should use the jammed guns damage... though as pilots tended to check their guns carefully before take off in a Phoenix, as they couldn't reach them in flight to clear them... only the red jam would permanently jam the guns. 
 Both sides headed straight towards each other, the slower Phoenix slowly being overtaken by the Aviatiks!
I decided early on to try and get the Phoenix. I decided also that it would be sensible for the game to end when the first plane fell, as I was starting late! 
One of my wingmen (green) turned to pass round the Aviatic facing him... 
He only got shot for his trouble! My other wingman was losing the fire fight with his Aviatic too! 
We all emerged relatively unscathed! 
The Austrians were probably happier with the result of our first shooting! 
I Immelmanned to get on the Phoenix's tail. 
He was too far away for a shot though. 
The Phoenix and one of the Aviatiks, I thought, would turn so I could catch then in flank... 
Damn! They BOTH Immelmanned!... 
...and got me in the flank!  
I took a lot of damage from the Aviatik! 
One of my wingmen was singling out the other Aviatik.
 It carefully avoided his attack. 
The Phoenix was trying to hit me, but 'Green' got a better shot on the Aviatik who was chasing me! 
I finally shook the Austrians off with 'Greens' help. 
The Beige Aviatik was still weaving with 'Red'. 
I flew to join 'Green', glad not to be under the guns of the Austrians! 
 The spotty Aviatik moved to help his wingman. 
 Green and I were going after the Phoenix.
Thing changed as the Aviatik turned to chase me again, Red came to clear my tail having shaken off the beige Aviatik. 
He went nose to nose with the Phoenix... 
The Phoenix got a jam! - Rats, just a green one! 
 I got on the flank of the Phoenix, but couldn't fire! 
 'Red' was too close-- on his base!
As the Phoenix escaped, the spotty Aviatik came round behind us.
Green was hit! 
 I was chasing the Phoenix...and my guns jammed!
Green got hit again, by the beige Aviatik!
I was in a great position, if only I could shoot! 
I dodged the beige Aviatik. 
Green fired at it, but missed! 
I was still trying to keep clear till my guns were working again. 
 My 2 wingmen got the spotty Aviatik in a 'Sandwich'.
 Green Immelmanned to chase the Spotty one. My guns were now clear, but I was out of angle!
 Green was after Spot, I chased the Phoenix.
Red got the worst of an exchange with Spot. 
Good job neither counted special damage! 
 We had all paired off, one on one.
Spot was chasing me, I only had 5 points left! 
I had to Immelmann - I got 4 against his 3! 
The beige Aviatik got hit by Green on the other side of the table. 
Surprise! My shots had downed the Spotty Aviatik! 
I had won! with no Italian losses! 

On the next table, Andy had a 'Pike and Shotte' game going, modified to do the War of the Spanish Succession. He was using his nice new Bavarians!
 Ian had his Austrians again!
Pretty period isn't it. 
Those Confix buildings really make the scene nice. 
The main Austrian attack. 
 The Austrians lost here too! Lucky Bavarians!


  1. An epic air battle, beautiful planes!

    1. Thanks Phil! Those models are really nice aren't they!
      I am sure I could not paint them as neatly as they come in their boxes!

  2. Nice planes !!! Would to come to the club give it a go ? you are open tomorrow then ?

    1. The club is open on Saturdays, but tomorrow we are doing dark age skirmish, and ww1 spearhead. If you want to do Wings of Glory, we need to book a table for it for the week after or some subsequent week?