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Saturday 3 September 2016

Border Reiver 2016

Today, we were back in the wargaming rut after the August break, at Gateshead International Stadium, at Border Reiver, another of the excellent shows we attend in the North East of England!
Sadly, the lighting in the hall is still that awful yellow lighting beloved of sports halls! My pictures are therefore of rather poor quality....

My friends and clubmates:

Craig (left) and Phil!

Andy McMaster (Belisarius)

Ian, with Andy
The rest of our lads were putting a game on (see later)

The Traders:

 Old Glory, its good to see them again in the NE! 
 I was very tempted with some Russian 1:600 Pre Dreadnoughts, but I had to resist! Things to buy!
Dave Thomas's -- another favourite for those of us who like 28mm Plastics!

Lovely Perry miniatures! 
Colonel Bill's a welcome regular at the local shows! I got another MDF building here!

(see what I mean about yellow light!) 

Ah, my major purchasing point of the day, Andy and 'The Last Valley'- I got a river and some fencing for my Anglo-Saxon village - and more!

 I really should have got one of these stables! Ah well!
 Ainsty - like Colonel Bill's, always have a lovely selection of models and terrain!

Figures in comfort. 

Lancashire games 
Lots of nice figures on show. 
Northumbria, sadly the new wave of Wings of Glory models are released next Monday - so nothing I needed from here this time.
 Gret company to deal with though.
 Victorian Toy Soldier.
 Curteys miniatures

 ..and 1st Corps

 Reiver Castings
Dave Lanchester books
Northumbrian painting service. 

Pendraken, and their huge selection of 10mm figures! 

 ...and much else!

  Lesley's bits box

 MTFG, the only vendor selling classic plastic kits.
 Eagle miniatures

Studio Miniatures 

 Ah, Sally 4th, a lot of REALLY nice buildings here!

Tumbling dice 

Midlam Miniatures 

Leven Miniatures 
More fascinating terrain! 
 ?Templar miniatures.
Hoka Hay, another of my favourite haunts! 

 Worley books

Sorry I missed a few traders, I lost a few pictures in processing - and I missed taking a picture of some of them!

The Games:

A very eye catching game!
It seemed to be attracting a lot of interest!
A 'Dead Man's Hand' Wild west game. 
 A rather nice fantasy game 
 Gotta love the ranked scorpions!
 ...and the NKE chariots with whacky crew!
 My own Tyneside Wargames club with a 10mm Great Captains game.

 Falkirk Wargames nice looking 'Sharp Practice' game.

 The Flea market

One of my favourite looking games - a French in Indo-China game.
 Some nicely painted French (Painted by Daveco)
 My friends from Westerhope Wargames club, and their rather nice Dark Ages game!

Redcar Ironbeards 

 A rather nice looking Horse and Musket period game.

 A WH40k game, some huge models here!
Very nicely put on! 
Finally, my 'Wingies' from The Wings of Glory aerodrome!

Zeppelin, Strachen and Handley-Page 0-400
The lads seemed to getting a lot of well deserved interest.
The star player of the early part of the show, with the obligatory flying helmet!

Sparkie, trying to avoid my camera!

It was nice to see the 1916 planes out!
A Halberstadt D2 

 A new player being introduced to this excellent game!
And that is it!

I enjoyed the show a lot, and met lots of friends and other nice people!

A special thanks to Phil who drove me home with my massed purchases!


  1. Thanks, will now go through them all again!

  2. Keep teaching the kids Wings Of Glory. It is an excellent game.

    1. I find whenever we put games on, it attracts a lot of attention! Its a game more people should discover and enjoy!

  3. Richard

    I linked you blog post to my blog.



    1. Thanks pal! Hope you are feeling better now!