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Saturday 10 September 2016

Another one bites the dust

Today, while the majority of our group were playing Pike and Shotte, Lawrence and I had a Wild West skirmish game.
As Lawrence was a little late in I put my desert terrain on the table (we were going to use some of each of our collections).
The scenario was a pair of Bounty Hunters with a Wannabe trying to kill a Mexican bandit holed up in a New Mexico village.

The village (Buildings by 4Ground, other stuff from Last Valley)
Most of the bandido positions were hidden by random markers, but we placed Il Grande and his best men in and around a large house at the street end. 
View from the far end of the village. 
My 'Stonekiller' on the right with Lawrence's Bounty Hunter and the wannabe. 
From the hill, my man saw the nearest house roof was clear.
 ...so was the next...
...and one opposite, where were the Mexicans? 
 I walked cautiously towards the nearest house.
Lawrence and Phil covered me from the hill. 
I, in turn, covered them as they followed me into town. 
We moved behind the house...
... and I peered round. 
I crossed to the next building and saw a Peon lounging in the doorway of a house opposite, I fired, but the shot missed! All I had done was sound the alarm! 
 The Peon fired back, but missed too.
We both stopped to reload.... 
And off again! 
Phil came after me - but I sent him back to follow Lawrence going round the building. 
The Bandits main force stirred from their siesta... 
 ...one of them cautiously looked down the street.
The Peon and I were still trading shots. 
One of the bandits, another Peon, ran across to the house we were hiding behind. 
The Bandits in the courtyard sent a man outside... 
 He fired at me at extreme range.
...as did a Peon previously unseen on the roof of the house opposite me. 
I was lucky, his shooting was poor! 
More bandits were coming onto the street. 
 Another Peon joined his friend near to Lawrences' position.
One tried to go round the house... 
...and ran back after running flat bang into Lawrence! 
At the top of the street, Il Grande was getting his troops into position. 
 The Peon on the roof was out of targets...
 ...I had fallen back behind the house.
I came back to spot the Peon on the roof. 
He had decided to come down to the door...
...I fired...
...The bandit fell with a bullet in his chest.
Phil was trading shots with a Peon opposite, on a stairwell. 
 The bandits drove Phil from his corner, as Il Grande pushed his men forward. 
We were being pushed back behind our house. 
 Il Grande and his lieutenants pushed in after us.
I was unable to cross the street to get a better position. 
The bandits began outflanking us.
 Il Grande was so confident he stood in the open directing operations!
 Lawrence fell back to our original building...
Il Grande! 
The real Phil now arrived, and took over his namesake!  
 I now began to engage the bandits in the street...
 Lawrence had our backs!
He killed a bandit. The rest held back.
I killed a bandit in the street. 
Lawrence, ever watchful! 
2 bandits down the street tried to shoot me, but I killed one with a lucky shot to the head! 
 Phil kept the bandits at the rear of the building's heads down
The bandits began to filter round behind us. 
Man, that palm is narrow!!! 
 Il Grande came forward...
...and vcame under fire from Phil, who had fallen back to get a shot. 
The bandits were pinning Lawrence down. 
 Lawrence had to fall back again.
 Back on the street, the second Peon was firing...
...another head shot silenced him.
 We were now all on the street... 
The bandits were closing in behind us. 
Il Grande saw Phil... 
...Poor Phil, straight between the eyes! 
I rushed to fight Il Grande, mano a mano, but he skedaddled! 
 There went our bounty!
 Lawrence now fell to one of the bandits - another lucky shot!
Left alone, I evaded the remaining bandits and escaped.

The Bandits had lost a lot of men, but Il Grande had escaped, and 2 of our men were dead, including the bounty hunter! I think a dispassionate observer would, on balance, award the game to the solo system Bandits!

Never mind...Good game!

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  1. Yes, the solo system I made for Wild West is a very detailed one, and seems to act like a human at times!