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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Frigates of Glory?

Today, it was just Lawrence and me playing in our little corner of the club!
So, we decided to do Sails of Glory. 
I hadn't tried Frigates with my 'Powder Monkey 2a' solo rules, and Lawrence has a 'thing' for Frigates...So we had a game of 2 British frigates against 2 French ones.

The French force consisted of two frigates, the Hermione and Courageuse.
 Lawrence had HMS Amelia, I had HMS Terpsichore.
 I was smaller and faster than Amelia, so I led our force.
 Both sides started heading close to the wind, the French ships were able to take a sharper angle upwind.
 My Terpsichore turned first, slightly port to pass, hopefully, between the French ships.
 The French continued in line ahead.
 My plan seemed to be working....
 ...Then Hermione turned downwind, towards me, while Courageuse turned into the wind.
 The bow rake shot, luckily for me, only caused 2 damage.
 Courageuse then turned (using the red card illustrated)- to parallel my course.
 Hermione, having fired at me and causing another 3 damage, was still reloading when she passed behind Amelia, in a perfect stern raking position! 
 Amelia turned downwind, and got a shot at Hermione for 3 damage.
 Terpsichore finally got a shot at Courageuse, destroying one of her masts!
 Courageuse would be less manoeuverable till it was repaired.
 Hermione was a little more damaged at this stage...
 HMS Amelia was as yet undamaged.
HMS Terpsichore was a quarter damaged. 
 Amelia and Hermione tried to pass again.
 Courageuse did a wobbly turn as she repaired her broken mast!
 Terpsichore would have to turn downwind in order to re-engage her.
This was the position a turn later, Amelia far left and I far right! 
All the ships turned to get a shot, though my Terpsichore seemed to be facing both French vessels at this point. 
 Courageuse got a broadside on Terpsichore, and set her alight.
 HMS Amelia was trading shots with Hermione.
Amelia was lucky again, Hermione suffered a broken mast.
 Hermione, though, continued in a direction that would intercept me!
 My Terpsichore was pursuing Courageuse, Hermione repaired her mast.
 Hermione found herself sandwiched between Amelia and Terpsichore..
 Amelia took 2 damage, and caused nothing.
 Terpsichore both suffered and inflicted a leak, though she took more actual damage.
Terpsichore managed to get an effective stern rake on Hermione as she turned, causing a leak and a fire! 
 My port broadside failed to hurt Courageuse, but I took 2 more damage from her!
 Lawrence's Amelia was getting left behind!
Terpsichore now shot another mast off Courageuse - but was set afire in return again. 
 Hermione could not control the flooding and fires before they overcame her...
...but neither could my poor Terpsichore...
Both ships went to the bottom!
Now, only Amelia and Courageuse were left, and Amelia was getting the best of the exchanges. 
Amelia turned after her quarry... 
...but got a broadside for her trouble! 
As Courageuse reloaded, Amelia hit her hard again. 
Courageuse limped off, leaving Amelia behind. 
Amelia turned in pursuit. 
 Despite the fact that Courageuse was missing 2 masts, she seemed able to evade HMS Amelia!
 Throwing caution to the wind, Amelia put up her full sail and charged!
 Courageuse turned and fired! 
 Amelia continued on, while her crew extinguished the fire.
 Amelia turned hard port, and fired, taking off her last mast, while the marines on both ships also exchanged shots at this short range.
 Being completely dismasted, the Courageuse struck her colours and surrendered.
I hope MHS Amelia remembered to come back and fish my poor crew out of the sea!!!! 
That was a good game! - and the first time I have been sunk as well!


  1. Very nice- I like the addition of the rigging.

  2. Thanks Barks, I only do basic rigging and stand in awe of what some people manage on Sails of Glory Anchorage!
    I find repainting and basic rigging does make the models look better and it does help stop the masts breaking a bit I think.