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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Beneath the Lily Banners...but no pictures!

Yesterday, we did another Beneath the Lily Banners game, pitting my French against the British and Austrians....it was only after I had arrived, I discovered I had forgotten my camera!

This is from a previous game....Sigh!

So, I have now to describe in words alone what happened!

Ian deployed 2 brigades of 4 squadrons (including 6 Kuirassier squadrons) - on his left. to their right, he deployed a brigade of Austrian infantry.
Lawrence deployed his British infantry brigade next to them and a Danish infantry brigade on their right. Finally, he placed a brigade of Danish cavalry on the far right.

I deployed a brigade of Bavarian Kuirassiers mixed with 2 squadrons of Gendarmes de France on my left opposite the Danish cavalry.
To their right I placed 2 brigades of French infantry between 2 woods.
Andy had a brigade of French foot beyond the right hand wood and a brigade of Bavarian Kuirassiers, supported by my brigade of French horse and dragoons.
Both sides deployed their artillery opposite each other, supporting our big cavalry wings.

At game start, my left wing cavalry advanced on the Danish horse opposite, and they advanced to meet me. On the right wing, our cavalry advanced on the Austrian horse, which remained stationary, in a long line. They seemed wary of advancing into the range of our artillery.
Lawrence advanced his British and Danish infantry on my 2 infantry brigades, who had to move from column into line to face him. He had hoped to catch my infantry still in column, but the French deployed in front of the woods (which had broken up our deployment area) just in time. Their second line was a bit raggedy though!

The infantry played no further part in the battle, both sides focussing on the cavalry battles.

On my left, my cavalry managed to beat the Danish horse after a hard battle.I only had the Gendarmes left at the end though!

The battle was decided on the right, where Andy's Kuirassiers beat the Austrians facing them, and my French horse managed to hold off the rest of the Austrian horse as they wheeled to outflank Andy's Bavarians, I was massively helped by our artillery though, which pounded the Austro-Danish cavalry mercilessly!

At the end of the game, the Austrian and British infantry had lost their cavalry wings, and were outflanked by most of the Franco-Bavarian cavalry, which massively outnumbered the few remaining Confederate squadrons.
They therefore withdrew from the battle.

Andy did very well in his first game of BTLB2, and only needed minimal guidance from me - Good dice helped too!

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