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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Combative Comancheros

Yesterday, we did a Wild West skirmish.
The scenario was a small settlement, having been cleared of Comancheros by the Texas Rangers, is left with a small group of deputies as a sort of garrison.

Of course, the displaced Comancheros decide to return when the coast is clear!

Lawrences lovely desert terrain...
One of my 4Ground 'rural arab dwelling' buildings.
Lawrence had constructed the same 2, but whitewashed his.
The view of the settlement from the Comanchero side!
Lawrence had his 2 men on the left, near the Arroyo.
Rod had his 2 to their right.
Andy, our august leader, held a hill on the right.
My 2, looking rather like 'The man with no name' and Lee Van Cleef, were placed on the roof of a building, acting as a reserve. At least, that was the plan!
The Comancheros, run by the solo system in my rules, deployed randomly. A small group started facing Andy.
A larger group faced Lawrence, they immediately began to advance on the 'town'
Andy's men moved towards the river bed, in hope of ambushing the advancing Comancheros.
Clint and Lee, disobeying orders, left their roof to follow.
Rod stayed where he was.
Andy's men had trouble finding safe footing in the dry river bed as they tried to cross...
At this point, Phil arrived at the club (after Tai chi!), hopefully, his 2 men would make the battle more even!
The rest of us were all now at the Arroyo.
Lawrence put his rifle armed sidekick on a rock, watching for targets to shoot.
The Comancheros were, however, advancing slowly, and still a ways off!
The group facing Andy seemed suspicious, and began to mass.
Andy had crossed the Arroyo, and taken cover in the bushes.
The indians in the group facing Andy began to outflank his position.
Andy was seriously outnumbered!
...as was Lawrence!
Lawrence's Sidekick fired at long range, and not surprisingly, missed!
The Comancheros took to cover and fired back.
Lawrence's sidey suddenly slumped to the ground, shot through the head!
On Andy's side, his sidey fired on some advancing indians.
The indians were unhurt, and headed for cover, while the Mexicans engaged Andy.
Clint and Lee had crossed the Arroyo and now were on the indian's flank.
My men moved down into a gully, hoping to get on the Indian's rear.
Phil's men had come through the town, and now arrived near the same gully.
Andy's men were still firing - and hitting nothing!
The Mexicans ran across their front, and only had one man suffered a graze!
However, the Mexicans did not hit even at this range either!
(We began quipping that Andy was hiding in a Kevlar plant!)
Andy had had enough though! and fell back, pursued by the indians.
Some more indians crept forward in the centre...
...and shot one of Rod's men who had foolishly given his position away!
Rod himself now retired to the town.
On the other flank, Lawrence was falling back towards the town...
 ...followed by the Comancheros...
He was seriously outgunned, but managed to avoid getting killed.
The Comancheros now had a free run into town.
Andy was retiring still. and firing blanks, apparently! (You have never seen so many rubbish die rolls in a skirmish!)
One party of indians even stopped shooting at him and just by-passed his position!
(Feel free to insert your own caption here!!!)
Having reloaded, Andy's men continued firing ineffectively at their rear! 
The indians didn't like being shot at, though, and eventually turned to fight.
Phil's men were surprised when the Mexicans came off their hill and entered his gulch.
They had spotted me lurking there and were pursuing me!
Phil's sidey fired a shotgun at them, but amazingly, missed completely!
The Mexicans were surprised though, and fell back down the gulch.
Back in the centre, the indians pursuing Rod were nearing town.
To their right, others pursuing Lawrence, were parallel with them.
They were backed up by Mexicans.
So where had Lawrence gone? (He is lurking behind the bush in the centre of picture!)
Lawrence managed to evade the pursuit eventually, and high-tailed out of town!
The indians chasing Rod now assaulted the town...
Rod's first shot downed an indian. 
As the indians fell back to cover...
 the canny Rod also retreated rather than get caught on that stairway.
Back in the gulch, Phil and his sidekick were trading shots with the Mexicans..
..A shotgun blast took one of them out!
The Mexicans now became aware of Clint and Lee on their flank, and spread out...Phil spotted them move and they fired...
Another dead Mexican!
The Mexicans were now caught between two fires...
Clint and Lee advanced firing...
The Mexicans fought bravely...
...but Clint then downed another Mexican.
The surviving Mexicans failed their 'Cool' checks...and ran!
Phil and I moved towards Andy now.
Andy meanwhile had finally got on the indian flank and shot one!
Clint and Lee now fired into town at pillaging indians, too far away to hit, of course!
Meanwhile, Phil had joined Andy, forcing some of the indians to flee.
..or die.
The Comancheros in town were pillaging.
Clint, Lee and the Phil now moved to break up the party!
Andy chose to move round the town to attack from there.
Clint reached a low mound near the town...
He fanned his pistol at a group of indians, killing one and wounding another.
Andy had now reached the other end of town...
...and began firing at the pillagers.
Lawrence and Rod were at the far end of the street, having rallied!
The remaining Comancheros, seeing they were surrounded, now left the building and left town!
Amazingly, we had won!

The magnificent Seven...Ten?

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