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Sunday 10 November 2013

Defending a settlement 1757

Today, we did a French and Indian wars skirmish at the club. We tried a large force of Hurons supporting a Compagnie Franche de la Marine against half their number of settlers and Indians led by the players.

I wondered if the French force might be a bit too large, particularly as only Phil's band of militia could fire controlled volleys...... 
A large force of Compagnie troops on the French left.
 In the centre, opposite the trading settlement, a number of Huron Indians. 
A bunch of  Courours de Bois on the French right.
The river they would have to cross. 
 Ian placed his Delaware Indians in a wood.
My settlers and Indians guarded the buildings.  
 Lawrence was on my right, with 6 experienced trappers and hunters.
 On our right, Phil had a band of Colonial militia.
The French attacked... 
 But the rivers high banks prevented the combatants seeing each other.
Phil, Lawrence and Ian awaiting the hordes of new France.
 Phil's militia moved forward to meet the Compagnie troops.
 Lawrence's trappers began to move in his support.
 Ian's Delawares moved to support me in the settlement.
My Indians lined the river edge, the settlers guarded 2 buildings.  
 The French began to ford the river. 

 My Indians saw a large band of Hurons approaching, and retired to the settlement. 
 Ian's Delawares watched from a hill.
 Phil's militia hid in cover waiting for the French.
The French slowly forded the river. 

The first fire occurred  when the Hurons saw my men in the settlement.
 One of my men was wounded by a ball.
On our right, Phil's militia  fired a devastating volley on the advancing French.
The Delawares waited.... 
My settlers, backed by my Indians, attempted to charge the Hurons. 
 The Indian leader, and several of his men died, for only one of mine.
 As the survivors retreated, another band of Hurons attacked, killing two more of my men.
 A party of Huron archers attacked my Indians, but my men held them.
 All six Hurons died for two of my Indians. 
 My settlers took more casualties.
 Lawrence's trappers shot at some of the French  attacking Phil.
 Phil had been forced to withdraw as the French, who seriously outnumbered him, attacked.
 Some of the French fired back at Lawrences trappers, killing one and wounding another.
 My Indians attempted to aid the remaining settlers..
 But more Indian units joined the attack.
My Indians lost heavily. 
My other settlers fell back and joined the Delawares as the French outflanked them.
 The Courours headed for cover. 
 My remaining settler unit attacked another Huron unit.
The Delawares were attacked from the other side.
The battle there was brutal!
 Lawrence's men were attacked by the French. 
 But these were fired at from the flank by the militia!
My three remaining settlers and Indian fell back from the Hurons crossing the river. 
..and were attacked there.
 My other settlers were counter attacked by the Hurons in the wood.
Ian's Delawares were still hanging on, though they lost some warriors. 
My sole surviving settler  escaped the Hurons and hid behind the Delawares.
Phil's militia were attacked by the Compagnie franch troops.. 
The militia won, but retired from the field before they could be outflanked. 
 The Delawares won too, but retired after their enemies fled.
 My sole survivor in the settlement, an Indian, left his companions to the Huron scalping parties.
Lawrences two surviving men, having lost more casualties fighting a melee against the French, also slipped away.

The French had won!, our casualties were greater than theirs, and only our Delawares and militia remained as viable units against several dozen French and Hurons.

Ah well, one up for the solo system!

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  1. Awesome looking game - now that is some impressive terrain (the trees look to scale). Best, Dean