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Saturday 16 March 2013

Mint Imperials..our first X-Wing game

Today, we got our new X-Wing game out, and had a quick bash to try the rules out!

As usual, I took a few pictures, though a lot haven't come out well for some reason!- they are very overexposed looking. Here is the AAR anyway!

The Rebel planet Cerebra, with its moon Encephala...
 Approaching through a nearby asteroid field, 3 Tie fighters of black squadron.
On their right, another flight of 3 black squadron Tie fighters. 
Near the planet, 3 X-Wings of red squadron on patrol. 
 Spotting the approaching Imperial threat, they turn to attack!

The Ties carefully navigate through the asteroids.
  Seeing the X-Wings bearing down on them, the other Ties head for the asteroids.
It is clear the Imperial force is planning a 2 wave attack. 

The Imperial force becomes dispersed as they pass through the field.

The X-Wings, seeing the first line of Tie fighters emerging from the Asteroid field, alters course to engage them.

The second Tie group tries to keep together as they pass through the asteroids.

Free of the field, the first group doesn't wait for their companions, but groups for a swarm attack.

The Rebels alter speeds to mass their force in a single line.
The second Tie group also is disordered going through the asteroids.
The first Tie group races forward to engage the Rebels.
 ..but emerges almost unscathed! - one of the X-Wings loses its shields.
The first critical hit blinds one of the Tie pilots. 
 The second Tie group, meanwhile, clears the asteroids...
..then races into contact, the X-Wings get the better of this exchange.  
  The first Tie group does a Koiogran turn while the Rebels are 'Tie'd' up with the second Imperial group.
  The Rebels look to be in trouble! 
 The Rebels manage to turn on the Ties and shoot well.
 The first Tie group moves back to the fray, shedding their 'Stress markers'.
 Will they be in time? - a first Tie blows up.
 ..Then a second!
 The third Tie, the least damaged, escapes and outflanks the Rebels...nearly ramming an asteroid en route!
 The Rebels and first Tie group move into combat again.
 The Ties and X-Wings pass and turn to get a shot...but the X-Wings are getting dispersed. The 3 Ties keep together by doing another Koiogran turn.
 The remaining Tie from the second group turns to join them.
The first 2 Ties destroy an already damaged X-Wing. 
..Then all 4 turn and destroy a second.  
The last Rebel starfighter breaks off and escapes!

A resounding victory for the Empire!

This was an opposed game, with 3 players, Gareth, Lawrence and Phil running an X-Wing each, while the Empire was run by Ian and I.

It seemed a good game, and is definitely one we will do again!

I think the basic box compliment of 1 X-Wing and 2 Ties is a good match, but simply up-sizing the game may make it easier for the Imperials! - points-wise, the game was about 1/2 an X-Wing equivalent in favour of the Empire. Next game we will probably use a matched point force!

Today was very instructive!

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