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Sunday 28 October 2012

Retreat from Fort William Henry?

As the title suggests, this week we tried to do a recreation of the scene from Daniel Day Lewis's version of 'The Last of the Mohicans'.

Lacking the requisite troops, we did a version of the scene where the poor Brits are set upon by hordes of Hurons as they retreat from Fort William Henry.

The company of His Majesties 22nd regiment of foot.
 A brave band of Mohawks lead the way.
 The area of the French ambush.
 Suddenly, a small band of Delaware indians break cover and fire!
The surprised mohawks take little hurt.
 They head for cover to return fire on their opponents. 
 The first platoon of the 22nd continue down the road.
 The Mohawks, from cover begin to shoot.
 Two of the Delawares fall.
 The English troops cheer on their indian allies.
 The greater number of Mohawk troops tells as Delaware losses mount.
 The Mohawks whoop their delight. 
 The Delawares begin to waver.
The English continue down the road, ignoring the skirmish.
 The second English platoon is led round the Delaware flank.
 Chinganchook, Uncas and Hawkeye leave the ladies, to scout ahead.
 The English troops watch as the Delawares lose their scalps.
 The Mohawks breast a rise to see Compagnie franche de la Marine and Milice lining a wood.
 The following English are urged to hasten on in support.
 The French spot the Mohawk scouts.
 A Mohawk is slain, the rest disperse.
 The Lieutenant in charge of the second platoon rallies the indians and directs them to the woods on his left flank.
 1st platoon deploys in line to flank.
 The French remain in cover, unaware of the enemy strength.
 1st platoon advances in line through the woods between them and the French.
2nd platoon wheels into line behind the rise. 
 La milice spots Chinanchook and shoots.
 La milice advances, shooting and kill Chinganchook, but in turn are mauled by 2nd platoon.
 The militia retreat to the woods, 1st platoon appears on their flank. 
 La milice flees, escaping the coming storm.
 1st platoon shoots into the flank of the remaining French, with little effect.
 The free company returns fire more effectively.
 The English stand their ground, reloading, as 2nd platoon advances in support.
 At this inappropriate time, a second Compagnie Franche platoon is sotted on the left.
 The English infantry salvo fire the French.
 Many of the French fall.
The Mohawks on the left are outshot by the 2nd French platoon. 
 The 2nd English platoon takes fire from a new enemy.
 A band of Huron between the French platoons. 
 2nd platoon takes fire from the Compagnie Franche on their left, and the Hurons to their front, and begin to take casualties 
 The Mohawks having withdrawn into the woods, the French and Indians charge the English.
2nd platoon beats the charging French with good bayonet work.
 As the French recoil, both English platoons fire and scatter their attackers.
With this telling volley, the route to Albany is clear!

Hawkeye and Uncas reaped a terrible revenge for Chinganchook, firing in support of 1st platoon, they killed more French than the English regulars in the woods!


Mohawks: Ian
1st Platoon: Lawrence
2nd Platoon: Me

Fun was had by: All!

The French were run by the solo system in the rules : French and Indian war rules

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