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Sunday 7 October 2012

10mm WW1 Spearhead

Yesterday (Saturday) I got a first chance to try out the WW1 Spearhead rules, the scenario was based on the French counter-attack at the Battle of the Marne in 1914.

Having not played this game before, Gareth and I took small commands, Gareth on the German side, me on the French.

The battle would involve a slightly smaller German force defending a town, the french would win if they managed to recapture enough of the town and its surrounding villages, or strategic hills.

The battlefield..the French would attack from the left in this pic.
 My small force, 2 regiments of infantry and a cavalry regiment. 
The French centre, run by Phil.
The French right, run by Ian.
Facing Ian, Davy had a strong covering force of Germans
 Gareth was up front defending the town.
Lawrence was entrenched on a strategic hill facing me.
 The armies deployed.
 The battle began as Phil's French centre stormed through the fields to attack the town.
 Ian, on his right moved to engage the German covering force.
 Phil's French swarmed over an undefended village.
 The French began their attack on the town.
 They took minimal losses against the light German defences.
 On the French right, Ian's troops were driving in the German reconnaissance elements.
 The French received strong Cavalry and infantry reserves.
The massive French artillery park.
 In the first village Phil had liberated, the troops filtered though to observe the German front line.
 A battalion of heavy French guns, detailed to support them began to fire.
The Germans on the hill beyond were heavily hit.
 As Phil's other men attacked the town approaches, some of his other men tried to cross the fields to outflank the town, but came under strong German fire. 
 On my Unengaged left, I had been ordered to wait till turn 4, then attack a small strategic hill, fortunately left undefended by the Boche! 
..they advanced..no doubt singing La Marseillaise?!! 
 Phil's greater numbers rapidly overran Gareth's men in the town
Ian's advance guarded Phil's right as he advanced on the town. 
 Phil's men in the village continued o call in fire missions on the luckless Germans on the hill!
A lot of poor Germans were blown to bits in the wood! 
 An overview of the situation at turn 7
 Phil brought up his reserve infantry as his attack on the town developed.
 Ian, on the French right attacked across fields against entrenched Germans.
 ..supported by a splendid Cavalry division.
 Finally, after a massed bayonet charge, the French in the centre cleared the approaches to the town, allowing them to continue advancing.
 The reduced defenders grimly held their positions.
 My guys captured the small hill..Woo-hoo!
 Lawrence brought reserve infantry to support the devastated Germans in the wood.
 To the left of the town, Davy advanced  from the hill to engage the French.
 Lawrence's reserves retook the wood.
German cavalry, in reserve behind the town, swung left to attack Ian's advancing French infantry, where they connected with the centre.
Meanwhile, the French Cavalry division stormed on to attack the advancing Germans. 
The heavy guns were continuing to fire... 
..and were demolishing the German trench positions on the hill.
 The French attacking the town attacked in mass. 
 The charging German cavalry, having beaten a regiment of foot, rolled on to the second line and its supporting artillery.
 The French cavalry division had not fared as well, and were blown to pieces, the remnants fled in disarray.
 The German cavalry, too, were annihilated.
We had to call it a day at this point, the general concensus was the Germans had technically won on points, but the French would have won eventually, mostly due to their artillery advantage.

The players: The Germans: Dave, Gareth and Lawrence.
 Les Francaises: Ian and Phil (I am behind the camera!)
Not a bad game, I think a smaller one might have got properly finished, but I would play the rules again, hopefully with more idea of what I could do!


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