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Sunday 3 June 2012

The Feds strike back!

Been a while, but we decided to do ACW skirmish again yesterday!
We decided to pit a Union company against a Confederate one, smaller but of higher quality...

The scenario we decided on was two companies moving down a road placing detachments along the expected line of the enemy advance. Unbeknown to them, their routes meet at a small farmhouse and a fork in the road....

The farmhouse, with the road beyond. The Union advancing from the right fork. 
 An untidy column of Feds wanders up the road
On the other fork, the Rebs make a better show! 
 The long line of Union men snakes on..
The Rebs round the large hill ...
  and see the boys in blue!--Sheeit!
 The roused Rebs rapidly deploy into line, as the officers yell commands! 
The first Union platoon rapidly deploys into line... 
 The second platoon rush forward to help.
 A platoon of Confederates breaks left to woods on the flank of the Yanks.
 ..the other platoon spreads out along the expected Fed line of advance.
 However, the alerted Federals are spreading out. 
Back at the hill, a Reb section takes a reverse slope position. 
 The detached Rebel platoon enters the woods, a couple of men being wounded by the few Feds they saw on their flank. 
The woods prove heavy going....
 The rest of the rebs on the road hide behind a rise.
 While the Rebs are dispersing, the Federal commander extends his line with the second platoon. 
 (An overview of the battle at this juncture)
 The kinked Federal line deploys facing the hill...
 ..and to the sound of drumbeats bravely advances against the hidden foe!
 The outnumbered Rebs wisely keep their heads down!
 The Federal line straightens briefly.. 
 ..before the second Union platoon advances down the road.
 On the Federal right, the line extends to face any threat from the right.
 The squad down the road shoots down the road at the advancing mass.
 A few men fall..but the line is steady...
...and returns fire!
The far greater number of shots causes mayhem.
Up on the hill, the second Rebel section breaks cover. Although they cause several casualties, they come under fire from the  first Union platoon. 
 Suddenly, more Union men fall as they reload!
 Some of the other Rebs, recalled from the woods, make their appearance!
Too late...the men on the hill are retreating! 
 The squad which got through the woods shoots..
 ..but attempting to hit the Federal captain, only kill the first Sergeant!
 These rebels don't get a second shot, heavy Federal fire makes their position untenable!
 The remaining Rebs, with 30% losses,to the Feds 20%, fall back.
 Beaten but not bowed! 

This was a FIERCE battle, the effects of Minie rifles is astonishing!....The Union won mainly due to the dispersion of the Confederate units allowed their greater numbers to win the day.

The terrain greatly favoured the Union, although cover was limited, it gave sufficient space for aggressive manoeuvering!

(About time the Union won!)

The Players:

Rebel 1st platoon: Lawrence
Rebel 2nd platoon: Phil

Union 1st platoon: Ian
Union 2nd platoon: Me!

1 comment:

  1. That was a bruising experience!

    The (randomly determined) starting deployment funnelled the gallant men of the South down the road, between some hills that prevented us forming a unified line to match the pesky Feds!

    I thought up until the last round that we might snatch a win by recalling a section from the woods and sending them onto the hill to acheive local superiority... but it was a round too late. The section on the hill had been shot flat before the would-be reinforcements reached it.

    The South, sir... shall rise again!