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Saturday, 7 August 2021

X-Wing, the return!

 Today's games were back to Star Wars, as we played X-Wing ( V1) for the first time in over a year!

Our first game, to reacquaint us with the rules had us run 2 X-Wings against 4 Tie fighters...

The Ties deployed to the side of an asteroid field.

We deployed opposite them.
Phil on the left, me on the right.
We moved forwards, no fancy manoeuvering needed!
The Ties came straight on too.
We came close and both sides opened fire.
Phil damaged one with a lucky shot...
...I damaged another!
I lost a shield though!
We passed through and our X-Wings executed Kiogran turns, as did one of the Ties Phil was facing.
My firing destroyed a tie, Ha, who needs a target lock!

Phil fired too, and lost a shield.

On of Phil's opponents turned and the other raced past Phil, I had turned right to help Phil since my lone opponent was evading.

The Tie we were after Kiogran turned and passed us. Phil traded shots with the Tie I had ignored.
He damaged the Tie, but took damage too!
I was engaged with the other two Ties, Phil Kiogranned to chase the lone Tie.
I was trying to shoot a tie, but kept on overlapping bases with one of them.
Phil was soon engaging one and I was chasing the other through the asteroid field!
I Kiogranned to engage my Tie, Phil went looking for the other two.
They were sorting themselves out to reengage as a team.
I destroyed another tie.
Phil raced at the pair...
...and Kiogranned onto their rear!
We soon finished off the last!

The second game:

The solo system used three Tie Strikers...
Phil had a B-Wing, I used a Y-Wing.
Phil raced forward, but realised it meant his ship got stressed, and really he was no faster than my old Y-Wing!
The Ties cruised towards the asteroid field.
Phil went towards it too, I tried to go round it!
Strikers are good in atmosphere, I wonder how they handle asteroid fields!
Phil nearly won the race to the asteroids...
He executed a sharp turn to engage a Tie, I turned into the field to try and help.
As the other two Strikers moved round the asteroids, Phil Kiogran turned onto the tail of the same Tie, and blew it away!
One of the other Strikers turned to engage me, the other was avoiding Phil!
Phil was soon chasing the Tie round the rocks...
I was weaving with my Tie, I was wary of entering the field with him due to my poor maneuverability. 
My Tie tried to ambush me from the asteroid field...
Undamaged, I kiogranned while Phil came through the asteroid field and together we destroyed another Tie!
The last Tie now began stalking my Y-Wing.
Phil Kiogranned again and the Tie evaded him.
Phil turned after me, the Tie turned and damaged itself on an asteroid!
The Tie slowly emerged from the Asteroid field, and Phil Kiogranned again to engage it.
It was easy meat for the B-Wings heavy armament...

So, 2 victories for the Rebellion! The solo system played well, and we had a lot of fun!


  1. Nice AARs. Also good to know that there are still some of us playing V1. : )

  2. Cheers pal! - we like the original too, so why change, I say!