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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

A Mandalorian adventure

 Today, I tried a scenario based on the excellent Disney+ series, 'The Mandalorian'

I have just finished a few of the new figures I got recently, so thought it would be interesting to see how a single figure game would playout in my rules, up till now there have been at least 4 player figures. The rules now include the rules supplement I have done for the Mandalorian!.


The Mandalorian has been on a mission, on the planet Emandes, leaving 'The Child' safely aboard the Razor Crest.

On his return, to his horror, he finds the ship empty!

He begins tracking with Infra red and sees heat signatures of two figures heading west...

The table.

The trail leads into a prefabricated settlement.
Two scout troopers head into the settlement, with a saddlebag full of a less than happy Child.
As usual, I put some Portal Markers round the settlement, covering all Mando's likely approach routes.
I decided Mando would have to stick to the road till first contact. Oddly, it was the route least covered with Portal Markers!
Mando, with the empty crib-pod alongside, continued along the road.
Still nothing!
Four Stormtroopers appear from behind a building!
Mando was lucky he is in Beskar Armour, which deflected a lucky hit!
Laying his rifle aside, The Mandalorian fires back with his pistol...
...Mondo's fire drops one of the troopers, and panics two others!
Mando takes cover behind a rise.
More Stormtroopers now joined the first group.
Braving the fire, Mando attacks the troopers!
Activating his 'Whistling Bird' wrist launcher he drops the entire enemy force!
The 'Birds' being a one shot weapon, I sent Mando into the densest part of the settlement to keep out of sight of the Portal Markers.
These had retreated across Mando's line of attack.
Somehow, he would have to drive them off without attracting a lot of Imperial troops!
Running, he managed to clear the distance to cover behind the command centre.
He carefully clambered over the low parapet.
Opening the door (and getting a 5(D6)!) a happy Child emerges, and climbs back into his crib.
Retracing his route, Mando ran again to end within 8" of the two most threatening Portal Markers, which would drive them both off.
He moved round a building, keeping out of sight.
A simple move reached the first Marker.
It displaced to the Power generator.
Another run by Mando sent the other there too.
Keeping an eye out for more Stormtroopers, Mando noticed the crib was empty again! 
Mandalorian: 'Hey, kid, where are you?'
The Child: ' Slurp!'
Recovering his charge, The Mandalorian displaced one marker.
Mando: ' I know you are hungry, but stay in that pod! - we are trying to make quick get away!!!'
Mando ran again to push the last obstructing marker away.
The 'Clan of Two' jogged off table, a poor D6 roll by the Imperials stopped any pursuit!
Interesting. I think it is more fun with several figures, but until I finish Bo-Katan - this will have to wait!

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  1. My friend mentioned to me your blog, so I thought I’d read it for myself. Very interesting insights, will be back for more!
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