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Saturday, 2 January 2021

Flying high in 2021

 Today, I went with playing a solo game of Wings of Glory WW1 (using my own solo rules)

I decided to fly Albert Ball's Nieuport 17, alongside 2 Sopwith 1 1/2 strutters.

Against us was a flight of three Albatross DVa's. As per our usual club protocol, if one side loses 2 planes, they have lost (the survivor will return home to report the disaster!)

Our Sopwiths and my Nieuport (on the right)

Our enemy, the Albatrosses.
This was a first use of a nice cloth donated by Andy McMaster (cheers pal!)
As usual the Germans and my Sopwiths would use the solo system.
The Albatrosses advanced in a fixed formation, line abreast.
My Sopwiths decided to jigger about a bit!
For once, I was flying with friends who would not outrun my Nieuport 17!
The Germans side slipped to pair off with our planes.
We fired as we closed, the German shooting was more effective!
This was corrected by the Sopwith's rear gunners!
Our damage was not too bad.
I Immelmanned while the Sopwiths turned. The Germans turned as one to the right.
I had hoped my Immelmann would get me a shot, but I was just out of range.
Our turn continued...as my dining table is fairly narrow, one Albatross was going to fly off table!!!
A tug on the clothe from the far side, and the German had lots of room to turn in!
One of my Sopwiths ended up nose to nose with an Albatross...
The Sopwith was lucky, causing as much damage with his single gun as the German did with two! (NB: solo planes do not count special damage apart from loss of gunners and the 'Bang' card!)
The Germans began to move towards each other, as did the RAF.
One of the Sopwiths was in a good position to attack the Black Tailed Albatross.
The German cleverly stayed in the Sopwith's 'dead zone'.
I looked to be sandwiched between 2 of the Albatrosses...
...But I got away with it! -The following Sopwith...
...was not so lucky, taking heavy damage!
The Sopwith's rear gunner took some revenge on the Green tailed Albatross.
As 'Green Tail' escaped, the rear gunner changed targets.
At long range, it didn't cause much damage.
The other Sopwith was paralleling 'Green Tail'.
As they passed, I moved my plane to help.
The rear gunners on the Sopwiths were being extremely useful!
I turned too early and Green tail got a deflection shot on me, I was lucky to get away so lightly!

Both sides disengaged again.
I turned aggressively towards the Germans, the Sopwiths rather more sedately.
Green Tail moved to engage me.
I side-slipped past him and got a good hit on 'Black Tail'.
I continued past him, to avoid his companions attentions!!!
One of the Sopwiths got between two Germans, but neither gun registered any damage!!!
The other Sopwith and I tried to get behind a pair of Albatrosses.
The Sopwith nearly made it...
...But the Germans outran the ambush.
Both sides massed to re-engage.
A Sopwith got a flank shot on 'Stripey Tail'...
...but missed!
The lines passed again, but with no shooting opportunities...
...until the Sopwith's rear gunners got a bead!
The Sopwiths began to form around my Nieuport...
...and we turned to engage again!
Two of the Albatrosses came to meet us.
The Sopwith was hit heavily by 'Green Tail' again!, he only had 3 points left!
We headed out of the melee, wounded but not cowed!
I Immelmanned again and got 'Green Tail'.
Despite having no support I continued to chase him.
Th other Albatrosses were caught between watching the Sopwiths and engaging my rear!
I got another great hit on 'Green Tail'.
He Immelmanned to engage me, but I got him as he turned...
He fell in flames!
'Stripey' tried to finish off the wounded Sopwith...
I moved to engage the other.
The Sopwiths rear gunner tried to scare off the Albatross...
I closed on the other Albatross, who seemed loath to engage me.
'Stripey' turned to engage the other Sopwith.
I flew past the Albatross facing me.
Black Tail turned to pursue. He was faster, I more maneuverable.
Stripey turned sharply after the Sopwith...
...but fell foul of the rear gunner!
His engine exploded and he fell.

YAY, an allied victory!

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