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Sunday, 19 July 2020

Naboo are you?

Today, I decided another Star Wars skirmish game was in order. As I had done Rebels last week, I thought a scenario set in the Clone Wars would be a nice change of pace!
I have always thought Ahsoka Tano was the best character in SW:TCW, so took her figure to command in this game.

The scenario I decided on was set on Naboo. Ahsoka is visiting her long time friend, Senator Padme Amidala.
Captain Typho interrupts them saying that a Gungan female, Be-Be Wor, has reported strange sounds near the swamps where she herds Shaaks, and the water mill she used to visit is now haunted.
Typho says he will take a few guardsmen to check out the situation.

Senator Amidala: 'Captain, I am sure Ahsoka and I are quite tired of peaceful Theed, and would love a little expedition to the south, so will be joining you. Is that ok with you Ahsoka?'

Ahsoka Tano: 'Of course!, I think a walk in the countryside is just what I need too!'

Senator Amidala: 'Captain, could you contact representative Binks, and have him join us, he knows these swamps very well and could be useful?'

My dining table, today it is Naboo!
 Padme, Ahsoka and Jar Jar move up the road towards the 'Haunted Mill'.
I had placed Portal markers covering all the likely approaches of the Republic 'visitors' 
A high die roll generated 4 Battle Droids on the stone bridge. 
(The view from Ahsoka's position) 
Jar Jar: Meesa tinkin' dat the mill is not haunted, meesa  tinkin' doe's are bombad clankers!'
Padme and the guardsmen quickly (and luckily at that range!) took down 2 of the droids. 
Ahsoka: 'Padme, take everyone over this hill, I'll cover you!' 
Ahsoka deflected a shot aimed at Padme back, but one of the guardsmen was pinned by a nearby blaster bolt. 
Ahsoka's deflected shot downed another droid!

Droid 224: 'Hey! - that's not fair' 
Padme finished of the last droid! 
 Super Battle Droid 199: 'Die, Republic dogs!'
 The Super Battle Droids advanced, shooting.
Ahsoka: 'Keep in cover, and try to reach the bridge, I will deal with the droids!' 
The Super Battle Droids continued across the bridge, scanning for the Nabooese. 
Padme led the  Guardsmen and Jar Jar behind the hills, while Ahsoka took up her chosen position.
Ahsoka: ' Surprise!'
Padme slipped behind the droids while Ahsoka engaged them. 
2 droids fell. 
Captain Tycho took the lead.
Ahsoka engaged the last two droids. 
...the battle was quickly over. 
 The Portal markers had been corralled into one small area.
Ahsoka ran to try to catch the Nabooese. 
The new rules on enemy forces generation now mean that if too many portal markers can see your troops, The most likely die result is to send the markers ahead of your troops. This now happened, allowing our heroes to achieve their mission of capturing the mill. 
Tycho, Padme and Jar Jar cautiously approached  the 'Haunted Mill'.
Jar Jar (muffled): 'I'sa thinkin' we is the only ones in here? '
 Aware that when withdrawing, the portal markers could generate more droids, as some of the markers lost sight of the Republic figures, she lead the two Guardsmen to clear them out.
Ahsoka took the woods, directing the Guardsmen to check the hills. 
 This forced the markers behind the woods.
Ahsoka moved to dislodge them. 
With nowhere to move within 12" unobserved the pile of markers were given only one option... 
 ...they massed on the small hillock.
Captain Tycho dislodged them by moving within 8". 
 With Ahsoka, the Guardsmen, and Padme's group covering all the possible positions they could move to, they were eliminated.
Padme: ' It looks very much as though these droids were from an escape pod, I think it may have been from the Trade Federation control ship Anakin destroyed all those years ago, Who would have thought?' 
That was an easy--and fun game to play, I actually liked having to clear the area before moving out, it feels more 'real', and helps remove the wargamer's curse of having a God like view of the battlefield!


  1. Great looking game, lots of Last Valley scenery on show I see.

    1. Thanks Ray! Indeed! Lawrence and myself at our club have a fair amount of LV scenery between us!
      I will be o so happy when the local wargame shows re-open so I can pick up some more!