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Monday, 17 February 2020

Pattons of glory!?

Last Saturday, we had a trio of games of What a Tanker, using my Arab - Israeli wars variant rules.
Lawrence was off this week on family business (as I will next week! -sigh!)
--so it was just Phil, Rhys and I against the solo system!

Game 1:

We used my newly finished M48 tanks
The Syrians a T-55 and 2 StuG III's

The solo Syrians had the T-55 in the centre...
...supported by the 2 StuG IIIs on either side.

Phil's Patton got a good shot at a StuG across the table...
...severely knocking the Syrian crew about!
The damaged StuG managed to acquire back, but nothing else.
Phil moved forwards, to get a better shot.
The StuG finally got moving.
Phil came to a halt...

...exit one StuG!
Meanwhile, the T-55 was moving between the buildings.
Rhys was keeping out of sight of it.
He had managed to damage the other StuG though!
The StuG moved to cover.

It fired! and missed!

Phil got into a firing position...

The other StuG burst into flames.

My M48 had been slow to move, but got an acqusition...
The T-55 had rounded a building, looking for targets.

Rhys fired and watched as the shot bounced off the armour!
Phil, too, fired, but his fire was equally ineffective.

My M48, finally getting a few move dice, closed on the Syrian.
The big T-55 retreated into cover, firing at me...he missed!
It was,despite all the fire directed on it, still untouched!
Rhys had another shot...
...It missed too!
It returned fire, on me again!

I had to thank the wall for getting in the way!
I got a couple more move dice, and a shooting mix for the remainder, so I took my life in my hands and charged at the T-55!
My shot hit!
Round one to the Israelis!!!

Game 2:

We decided to use our favourite tanks this time...

The Syrians had a trio of T-62's.

I started off heading for a hill.
I missed the T-62 opposite, allowing it to get into cover.
The one facing Rhys climbed a hill overlooking his position.
Rhys moved to cover.
Phil advanced to cover behind a building.
The T-62 opposite him fired a shot...
The Syrian only got 2 hits...
Phil got 5 saves!- the shot bounced!

Phil moved forward confidently...
He acquired and fired!
His shot blew the enemy tank sky high!

I had got to the top of the hill...
I fired, but my electrics shorted!
Rhys was having a shooting match with his T-62.
His shot bounced off...
...but stunned the crew.
Phil was now moving to support me.
Rhys got another hit on the T-62 opposite...
...He got a hit on the turret....
...damaging the iffy optics further!
Rhys decided to move to cover, despite this success...he had been close to being hit on several occasions!
The Syrian was only too happy to let him go!
The tank facing me now tried a shot, but he too scored a double 1!
His tank came to a shuddering stop.
Phil spotted him and fired...
...a near miss stunned the crew.

My tank, up and running again, began firing...
...a close miss made the Syrian retreat, further into Phil's sights.
Phil's next shot damaged this tank's optics too!

The Syrian drove forward, trying to keep his thickest armour towards both of his assailants.
Another shot from me...
...and again the Syrian retreated!!!
Phil fired again...
...and killed the confused tank!
The poor crew didn't get out.
Phil moved towards the last remaining T-62...
...but it had had enough, and was retreating off table.
Rhys had now come out of cover, just in time to see.

The last Syrian tank burned!
That's 2 to the Israelis!

Game 3:

Back to '67 this time, we had M4A3E8's.

The Syrians had 3 T-34/85's

The first Syrian moved to engage Rhys.
His long range shot went wide...
Rhys moved to the top of a hill.
His shot bounced off the Russian tank.

Rhys reached the cover off some fields.
Phil was forging forwards again!
My tank saw a T-34, fired, and got another system failure!
In all we had 11 of these in the three games!!!!- unbelievable!
The T-34 facing Rhys managed to acquire and shoot...

...Rhys's Sherman was destroyed, though the crew escaped!

One of the other T-34s was sparring with me.
The other was searching for my tank.
He moved round the houses....
...and joined the one facing me.
Things were not looking good for me!
My tank tried to hold his ground.
I suffered several near misses, a couple of times only the 'Poor optics' of the T-34s saved me!
Eventually, a shot bounced off my armour...
...forcing me back from the wall i had been hiding behind.

I got a shot back, and one of the T-34's recoiled too!
The first one had one of the 11 power failures at this time, which helped me!
A good shot from the other T-34... 

...caused me to lose another 2 command dice.
At this point, Phil came to my rescue.
He bagan trading shots with the 2 enemy tanks...
...I had a another retreat result from a near miss.
I took the decision to retreat to cover to recover my command dice.

I quickly got 2 6's and got back two of them.
Phil was managing to fend off the T-34's
He even damaged one in the tracks.

I had continued to retreat slowly.
The third T-34 now arrived!
...this was too much even for Phil, and we decided to leave!
...leaving the victorious Syrians in charge of the village.
That was a very tiring day, but great fun!

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