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Sunday, 8 December 2019

AI Tanker - the Syrians strike back!

Yesterday, despite having developed painful facial Shingles last week (for technical folks, affecting my trigeminal facial supraorbital nerve pathways) --I managed to get to the club for a couple of games of 'What a Tanker' using my Arab Israeli War variant rules.
I have decided counting all Soviet always buttoned up is a bit unrealistic, so I have deleted the rule (it should be on the website soon!)

We had a variable sized group of players today, as Rhys had to leave early, and we got a refugee from the earlier to finish Bolt Action:Korean war game on the next table as a replacement! Lawrence, David and I were the Syrians, Phil, Rhys the Israelis.

The first game:

David had a T-62...
..Lawrence another. 
Rhys had a Sho't Meteor... 
...Phil had the other. 
 The battlefield for today, with more fields bought at Last Valley (Battleground:Stockton) last week...
...the buildings are the lovely ones from Blotz
The game started with a bang, A T-62 climbed a hill, spotted Phil's Centurion... 
...and scored a clean hit! 
 Lawrence even had a 'move' command die left to retreat back over the hill!!!
 David pushed down the centre, looking for the remaining Sho't.
Nothing much to see... 
...another 'Drive' move put him alongside a hill. 
 Rhys now moved the last remaining Israeli tank alongside a wall.
Feeling exposed, he retreated, hoping to fight one Syrian tank at a time. 
David now decided to outflank Rhys by moving round the village. 
He had rolled several '1's, which allowed him... 
 ...almost into the lee of the large compound...
...a last die took him to the back of the town!
 Rhys decided to head towards David's T-62, but kept his turret facing Lawrence.
Lawrence had moved round the hill he had been on, to spot Rhys. 
 Rhys failed to get much movement, though he did spot Lawrence's T-62.
 Lawrence let fly with his 115mm cannon.
 The shot bounced off the Sho't, but the crew backed up in alarm!
 David's tank now tried to approach Rhys, but the tank didn't quite reach the hill crest!
 Moving first next turn, he moved the final inch to the crest and fired! 
Rhys had advanced last turn, but retreated again from the new threat!
This, unfortunately, put him in a good position for Lawrence. 
This time, the shot struck true, brewing the poor Sho't. 

The second game:

 Now feeling fairly pain free, I took the left hand Syrian T-34/85.
David was in the centre. 
Lawrence was on the right. 
Phil, and later Roderick, commanded the Israeli M50 76mm. 
Rhys, then later Phil, ran one of the AMX-13 (76mm gun). 
Rhys, and later Phil also had another AMX.
The centre AMX used its speed to race forward. 
 Lawrence raced his T-34 into a walled field.
 The M51 just sat there, though the commander acquired Lawrence's tank!
 David moved behind the large compound...
...but could see nothing. 
 My T-34 also refused to move, but I spotted the AMX-13 in the opposite corner!
I fired a long ranged shot... 
...which managed to BOUNCE OFF THE BULLET PROOF ARMOUR!!!. 
 Gave the crew a scare though!
Lawrence spotted the centre AMX, but his tank 'Powered down' when he fired! 
'Er, Guys!!!' 
The Sherman had an easy target... 
 ...but had a clean miss!
 The centre AMX ran behind a wall for protection.
 David's tank failed to spot it.
 The AMX I had fired at saw my tank and lobbed a shot back at me...
...which fortunately bounced off its thick armour! 
The Sherman pushed up the road to shorten the range. 
 The Corner AMX now rushed behind a hill.
 My T-34, now without a target continued moving through the village.
On we trundled...
 ...toward the edge of town. 
David, too, decided to advance. 
Lawrence was now fighting a battle against all three Israeli tanks alone. 
The centre AMX got the range... 
Lawrence's tank backed up in response. 
 David kept advancing warily, looking for targets.
 My tank had spotted the Centre AMX...
The shot bounced off again!!!... 
...but the crew of this one knew they were lucky too! 
David had his tank on my right, in support. 
My tank saw the other AMX on my flank...
 ...so I withdrew round a corner.
Lawrence was now worrying his luck was running out, he had been shot at at least six times, without injury, much to Phil's chagrin! 
My T-34 shot at the flanking AMX... 
...this time I knocked 2 temporary damage off it! 
Lawrence took the opportunity to attack its flank. 
 The AMX, seeing the threat, raced past the lumbering T-34, rotating its turret to try for a rear shot! 
 Unfortunately, Lawrence moved next, and managed to get turned around, and shoot!
 ...At last!
 The other AMX moved to try and help the now burning AMX.
It saw David's tank and fired...
 Despite its cover, the T-34 took damage...
His Poor Optics were further diminished!
Amazingly, the tank crew managed to get a shot back... 
...and blew up the tiddly-tank! 
Lawrence managed to turn to face the Sherman. 
Caught between me and Lawrence, with David moving up too... 
...He wisely retired from the field!

Overall a good day for the Syrians!

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