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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Clone Wars, this is!

Today, with no club, I decided to do a Star Wars skirmish at home. One of the good things about writing your own rules is they can have an integral solo system!

I decided to base my game on an actual episode of Clone Wars, I wonder if you can guess which one it is?

Master Yoda, and 3 Clones, are forced to land by escape pod on a moon where Yoda is to negotiate with the King about his joining the Republic (they are a neutral power)

Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku (via Holo link), suggest the King should join the Separatists, as Yoda's ship has been chased off by Dooku's fleet.
 Yoda contacts the King directly via holo link...
 Yoda agrees to be with the King by nightfall, following a 'fair' trial of strength with the droid army, to show who is stronger.
My dining table, my aim would be to get my men through the narrow gap at the far end.
My force, Master Yoda, and l-r, Jek, Rhys and Lt Thire. 
 We started on the near side of the table. 
The arrival of enemy troops would be dependent on the number of  'Portal markers, and a die roll, each turn.
 I issued orders...no enemy appeared this turn.
 We moved to cover behind some purple rocks.
Before we could move further, four battle droids appeared. 
 The clones took up position facing the droids.
 A firefight developed.
The droids advanced remorselessly.
...one of the droids was damaged. 
 The droids diced to hit Rhys...but Yoda used a Force Point to...
 ...deflect a blaster bolt back, destroying one of the droids!
 Unfortunately, Jek was too far from Yoda to be protected, and was suppressed.
 The droids were reinforced by three more droids.
 They advanced firing.
 The front group were being hit hard...
 Yoda deflected another bolt damaging another droid.
The following three droids moved forward. 
 Jek was firing again...
...just as well as yet another three battle droids came over the hill! 
 The droid forces were threatening to overwhelm the Clones.
 The one remaining droid from the first group refused to die!
The other droids advanced, increasing the pressure. 
Jek was suppressed again! 
Fortunately, the next arrival dice was a 1, so nothing else appeared! 
Slowly, the Clones got the ascendancy, Yoda was instrumental in deflecting shots that would otherwise have hit Clones. 
 Rhys got suppressed, Yoda was having to save Force Points for later on.
The front group of droids now merged with the survivors of the second... 
 ...and 'died' together!
 Jek's rotary cannon was clearly at work!
Another three droids appeared. While not killing anyone yet, they were delaying Yoda from getting to his meeting (I had played 15 of 40 turns) 
The Clones had a good period... 
...knocking droids down right, left and centre. 
I (Yoda) decided to run for the hill on the left to try and avoid more time spent stuck here.  
 The Clones and I managed to get to the hill, where only a couple of droids could see us.
 Another four droids appeared, and as we had run, our fire only (damaged) suppressed one.
 Fortunately, Yoda had driven off the Portal marker on the black rock to the back of the hill. 
The four new droids closed on the Clones... 
More droids appeared from our left rear 
We were caught in an enfilade. 
 The Clones split their fire.
 Jek: 'Alright, clankers, suck LASER!'
 Being droids, of course, this didn't stop them.
 Yoda deflected another hit away.
...destroying another droid, Clone fire hit another. 
 Jek continued to amass a healthy total of droids.
 The next arrival dice was...a six!, in our original position, this would have brought Droidikas down on us...
...but here it just brought another 
 4 battle droids, Phew!
The last remaining droid from the front was left to Rhys...
Jek and the Lieutenant dealt with the other side.
 Another 3 droids appeared. (would it ever end?)
We were holding on, and more importantly, destroying droids!
Now was my moment, I Force Jumped Yoda. 
This knocked the annoying 2 Portal Markers back... 
...to a stand of 'trees'. 
 Yoda easily dispatched the droid...
 ...the clones finished of their droids.
 Yoda quicly engaged the last three droids...
 ...they had no chance against a Jedi master!
The clones now decided on their own to come forward. 
 Yoda waited, deep in meditation, recovering Force Points! 
Lt Thire: 'General, we should stay behind and delay the clankers'
Master Yoda: ' Clones, you may be, but the Force, in all living things, is. Use it, you can. to quiet your minds.'
After a brief rest Yoda lead the clones round another hill, keeping out of sight of the Portal Markers on the far side.
 Yoda probed forward...
 ...finally, he got within 8" of 2 Portal Markers...
These now had to move...
...up the hill.
This spawned 3 more Battle droids.
The Clones engaged them...

The two survivors continued to advance.
The 2 Portal markers were now four...
...Yoda and the Clones had displaced 2 more when they advanced.
Another droid fell...
The next arrival dice was a 6, just when it was the worst time!
The hill spawned 16 Super and normal battle droids!
More Super battle droids arrived from the sandy rocks...
...many other Battle droids arrived at different Portals.
This was not looking good!
Several droids were damaged, but none destroyed by...
... the Clone fire. It couldn't last. Yoda ordered the Clones back into cover...
...while he jumped into a group of Super Battle droids.
None of the droids survived.
The next group...fared no better.

The 4 Portal markers on the hill now had to go behind the hill.
Would 4 Battle droids worry Yoda?
The main body of battle droids formed a phalanx.
The rest of the Super Battle droids closed on Yoda.
Zjwing! - 4 more Super Battle droids down.
Yoda is about as powerful as any Jedi can be...
...and it showed.
Lt Thire now led his men back against the phalanx.
Yoda started on the other side of the phalanx.
The Clones were getting suppressed as the unengaged droids fired back.
...but unengaged droids were getting less and less!
9...6 left...
The Clones now had a new enemy to fight. at this point only Lt Thire remained Unsuppressed - he was very much at risk.
The droids advanced, would they prevail? 
- more appeared behind them!.

Yoda was still busy with the phalanx...
6...3 left...
Fortunately, the next arrival dice was another 1.
3...0 droids left.
Amazingly, with Yoda visible to several Portal markers, the next arrival dice was also a 1! -Yoda Force jumped.
 The Clones engaged the front group.
Yoda engaged the rear group.

...and having disposed of them, the second group!
Rhys: 'It doesn't look like the General needs any help at all, he's taking them all on himself!'
The last droids were destroyed!
The Clones emerged...
Master Yoda: 'Quick, we must be. Late for our appointment, are we'
Wow, that was close! 
We were close to getting over-run and killed at several points! I took a risk avoiding Portal markers until the end, knowing I would end up facing 8+ on the last stretch. We were Sooo lucky the arrival dice threw 2 ones!. 

(On another note, the rocks were painted with 'straight out of the pot' GW Contrast paints on a white undercoat--I think next time I will let them down a bit with medium as they were darker than I wanted, really. The Talassar blue is ok, but Basilicanum grey and Wyldwood were quite dark.)

So...Yoda and the Clones arrive in time to save King Katuunko from Asajj Ventress when Count Dooku orders him killed for refusing to join the Separatists!

I have had a busy week off, but at least my Clone Wars figures now take 2 boxes, instead of 1!


  1. beautiful report, beautiful fight, beautiful figurines

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked it!