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Saturday, 20 July 2019

A pre campaign test game.

Today we did 7 Years War again, to see how my recently finished (provisional) campaign rules would play out.
I would be using my Russians against Lawrence's Franco-Reichsarmee. 

The terrain we diced for was quite dense, mostly low hills, with a very rough hill on the left, and a wood in the table centre...
Unusually, we also had a walled town! 
As the 'attacker' - Phil joined me commanding the right of the Russian army. 
Lawrence put a cavalry wing opposite my left wing. 
He had a mass of infantry on a large low hill. 
 His left, facing Phil, was cavalry supported by infantry and artillery.
ALL my brigadiers turned out to be incompetent! I was lucky to get my light horse away. 
 ...They moved forward to screen my heavies as they deployed. At least, that was the plan!
My infantry, guns and Heavy cavalry remained in place, surrendering the initiative to the French!
Phil, with at least average brigadiers, managed to get his infantry moving! 
He moved his horse in column towards the French, which would leave them struggling to deploy into line in front of the enemy! 
Fortunately, the French brigadier facing me was also an incompetent, so his horse stayed quiescent like mine! 
He did get some Voluntaires du Flandres moving through the wood. 
The French centre managed to advance in a fairly organised manner. 
His left wing cavalry commander got a regiment of Reichs Kuirassiers advancing towards Phil's vulnerable Cavalry columns. 
 Like us, though, Lawrences men seemed --sluggish!
 I managed to get my Cossacks deployed facing... 
...the French Hussars.
My Kalmyks formed up facing the woods...I had detached my guns to support my left, which may have been a mistake? 
 Phil's infantry moved forwards to contest a large hill with the Reicharmee...my right wing brigade managed to move in time to protect their flank.
 Lawrence's cavalry were caught by the rapid Russian advance.
 Phil's cavalry were still trying to bypass the rough hill in column!- and were outpaced by their own infantry! The infantry served to protect the horse from the Reichs horse, which was useful. 
Phil's infantry fired a volley at the Kuirassiers on the hill, who were bravely covering the redeployment of their following regiments... 
...who were rapidly moving to form up on the flank. 
Lawrence's light infantry bravely left the safety of the woods to skirmish with my undeployed artillery.
 Their supporting cavalry was still trying to co-ordinate themselves. 
 The French Grenadiers du France moved to engage me. (Blau - Würzburg beyond them moved to engage Phil's Observation corps grenadiers) 
Blau - Würzburg  fired a good volley at the Observation corps!...
...who decided not to reply!... 
... but fell back through the Grenadiers behind, disrupting them!
 The grenadiers regained their order quickly, and advanced to combine their fire with their artillery...
...now it was  Blau - Würzburg's turn to retreat!
The French artillery began to shoot... 
...causing loss amongst my infantry. 
My brave infantry - though they took more losses from the Grenadiers du France, managed to hold order and fire a crashing volley... 
 ...which sent the French through the Reichs infantry behind.
The French Hussars failed to charge the Cossacks...
...who charged the French instead. Sadly for my side, the Hussars evaded behind their Cuirassiers. My Cossacks ploughed into them... 
 ...but were massacred!
My guns had their moment of glory! Scattering the French light infantry with canister!
 It was looking good for the Russians, as the Reichs infantry in the French centre were disordered and in some disarray. 
 Lawrence's infantry on the kidney shaped hill managed to drive Phil's infantry off it, starting a resurgence in the French fortunes.
 On my wing, the French cavalry had destroyed my Cossacks, but ended blown in front of my Kuirassiers. Sadly, no one managed to order them to charge!, on his own initiative, the Colonel moved round the stationary enemy's flank.
My Kalmyks, and infantry (who had failed to move all game till now), now moved behind my centre to give my cavalry room to fight.
 Phil, on the other wing, managed to charge the Reichs Kuirassiers. 
...the rest of his horse had finally got deployed, and moving in their support. 
The enemy, caught at the stand, were well defeated, but somehow managed to retreat instead of rout, leaving the Russian cavalry bemused, and rallying in place.
The infantry centre had somewhat stabilised, with the Reichs infantry holding the hill. 
Phil's men tried another push. 
This attack failed to make headway, too. 
 My engaged regiment on the left was still standing, despite very heavy casualties.
The Russian grenadiers were still standing despite heavy losses... 
...but with no movement in the lines, and both sides exhausted, the game came to an end with honours even!

It was a really fun game to play for me, very challenging, though I think General Fermor might think of shooting some of my brigadiers! 

Phil agreed to borrow my Russians for the duration of the campaign after the game, which means we now have 3 armies, Lawrence's French, Phil with my Russians, and me with the Prussians.

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