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Saturday, 16 June 2018

The solo system returns

Today, we had a few more games of 'What a Tanker' before a well needed break for other games.
I wanted a final test of my new solo protocol for this excellent game, after some modifications suggested by Lawrence and Phil at our club.

I am happy now that its done, as it played like I would!

Enough, on with the games...

We balanced them using the new points system

The first game was a repeat of our previous game (the 3rd game) - with me having a Sherman against 2 Panzer IIf's. I had just finished painting my first tank, this M4, so I hoped it would do better this time!

My little tank!
I started behind the cover of a hedgerow. 
 David and Lawrence had the two...
...Panzer 2's 
 Lawrence moved first, racing forward.
He reached a hedge opposite me. 
He managed to acquire me!
Fortunately, his fire was ineffective!  
He moved to go round my right...
 ...and catch me in a pincer!
David, meanwhile, tried to race round my left flank, encouraged by the fact I failed to move in my first turn! (was history repeating itself for me?)
 I finally got my Sherman moving, and moved to engage David. 
David raced up the side of a walled field... 
 ...into it...
 ...through another, until he was on my flank, his fire was bad, and he missed! 
My Sherman fired...
 ...A direct hit!
My tank now moved down the road to face Lawrences Panzer in the walled field... 
...my shot missed! 
Lawrence decided he couldn't face an M4 alone, so withdrew... 
...his speed was slowed by the terrain. 
 My Sherman moved forward in pursuit...and came to a halt.
 The last Panzer blew up.

The second game!

The solo run....King Tiger!
David had a Cromwell IV 
Lawrence was in the centre facing the Tiger with a Challenger. 
I was on our right with another Cromwell. 
 I got first move, and some 1's on my command dice!
 I rushed forward, my aim was to distract the Germans to allow the 17pdr armed Challenger to engage it from flank.
 I let rip with my 75mm!, the shot bounced off!
 David moved round the other flank.
 The Tiger II was operating under my new solo rules...
He turned to acquire me, which he did, but happily could not fire!
My Cromwell got another shot off, but this, too, bounced off the thick armour! 
 My tank retreated behind more obstacles to protect me from the enemy!
 The Tiger could not roll an aim dice!-- I breathed easily again!
 David now got into a flanking position on the 'Beast'... 
...He fired!
His shot hit!, damaging the road wheels! 
More important for me though, he lost a command die, permanently!  
My Cromwell fired again! 
 Lawrence now moved forward to engage.
 The 17pdr fired...
...a clean miss! 
 The Germans were still trying to get me in their sights.
 David advanced to get a better shooting position.
The Challenger also moved forward, and fired! 
More damage to the wheels! 
Not good! 
My Cromwell threw 4 1's - and raced round the Tiger's flank. I was SOOO lucky he didn't roll a 3 to aim, or I would be toast! 
 ...Instead, I got first move so raced round, he lost his acquisition, my shot in his rear caused more temporary damage.

The Tiger was down to 2 dice, but rolled poorly...I moved into his rear... 
 ...and fired! - His track was broken, and the crew bailed out!
Amazingly, the Tiger hadn't fired once, and his armour rolls had been terrible...
 ...but a victory is a victory!

We did play a third game, but it never got finished. It was notable for being our first use of Italian vehicles!

An L6/40 
Nippy little beast! 
And a Semovente 47/32!
They were facing our Panzer II's 
 ...And a StuG III
...Gotta love these! 
All our games were, of course heavily made by Lawrence's lovely terrain. 
A Good day's gaming!

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