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Saturday 18 March 2017

Running with the herd

Today, we got our Safari game in, as Lawrence was well enough to come down, sadly, though, Alex was off.

We just did a hunting party with 3 hunters going after big game...

We had a fairly heavily terrained table to play on...
 We had a choice of animals to hunt! I randomised the selection as usual so we had no idea what we were facing! 
 Secret counters were placed on the table...
 ...and we were off! - heading to a ford in the river!
Our scout surveyed the crossing, but could see nothing to concern us. 
 Lawrence was to have the privilege of first shot! 
He joined the scout at the crossing. 
Is that a log in the river? 
 Lawrence crossed the river uneventfully.
 As the rest of the party began to cross, the 'log' moved!
Lawrence now saw a huge bull elephant... 
 A clean shot with his heavy gauge rifle! 
 Down went the brute!
 I was crossing the river, when the huge Nile crocodile swam towards me..
...at that range, I couldn't miss. Sadly, the body floated off downstream! 
 Lawrence and Phil went forward to ensure their elephant was dead.
 The porters went forwards to secure the trophies.
 I was next up for a kill, but only espied a pair of giraffes. 
The porters had done their grizzly work. 
 The Giraffes ambled away.
 I went forward and spotted a pair of warthogs, my attempt to 'Hunt for the pot' failed miserably, as my shot went wide!
 Phil up next, he was directed by the scout towards a tree, where a Lion was basking, it had clearly been watching us, but didn't seem that bothered.
 Phil took careful aim...
 ...another valuable trophy!
We then spotted movement to the right...
 Phil settled on a large rock, and ate his sandwiches!
Lawrence had sent 2 porters to secure the lion, they had competition! 
Lawrence decided to shoot at an ostrich - obviously he had forgotten his sandwiches! 
 The birds looked up as the round sailed by...
...then they trotted off to a quieter locale!
 Alerted by the shot, the warthogs charged from the bush!
 Mazumbe, the scout, was gutted by one, Lawrence took a tusk in the leg!
Phil and I covered his retreat, killing one pig and wounding the other. 
 The wounded porker raced back to the brush! 
 As the askaris rounded up the startled porters, Phil fired after the wounded beast.
I, meanwhile, had gone left, and spotted a valuable target... 
My shot only wounded one of the buffalo. 
 Enraged, they rumbled towards me!
' I have a baaad feeling about this!' 
 The Askari with me managed to take one down!
 I fell back to the main party, halting occasionally only to fire. 
 ..but nothing seemed to stop them!
Alerted, the Askaris, Lawrence (now patched up!) and Phil joined me firing at the advancing herd!
Several fell, I got one too! 
 Despite our fire, the survivors could not be stopped! 
Our party dived aside as the huge animals bore into us! 
I had slipped to one side to try to hit their softer flanks (honest!)
The beasts broke formation and attempted to gore us. 
We managed to kill 3 more at point blank range.
 The last 2 burst through us, and turned to attack us again!
...but no! - they headed off back into the veldt! 
Our battered party called it a day there! - we all had trophies, and Lawrence a scar. We would be able to sup cheaply for months on the tale of this adventure!

Deep in the forest, the wounded warthog licked her wound, and in her bestial way dreamed of the day when she would wreak her terrible revenge on the two-legs!

Incidentally, the rules used, including the newly revamped animal solo system are on our club's downloads page, now at this LINK


  1. You now really need to play Congo, its superb.

    1. Thanks, A lot of our club members have played Congo and dislike it intensely! Horses for courses, I suppose!

    2. I am truly surprised by this. As you say, horses for courses.