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Saturday 11 June 2016

Durham show time again!

Today, the club was off as some of our members are off in Italy! - also, it was the Durham Wargames annual show, one of my favourites!
Despite the forecast of heavy rain, all there was was cloud and light mist. It didn't put me off though! 
I took some pictures after getting my goodies....sorry if I missed anyone!

First..Thanks to the Durham lads, friendly as always, who organised and ran the event!
My first call, the ever excellent Colonel Bill's
I was happy taking pictures as the venue has natural light!!! 
My next call was to another must see 'shine' - Northumbria games. 
 Yes...I did get some more little planes and ships for Sails/Wings of Glory!
He even had Strachens and Handley Page 0-400 giants! 
Irregular miniatures provided their usual mix of lovely figures and unusual items. I always have a good rummage! 

 Games of war catered for the discerning Sci-Fi gamers ...
 ...and Pirates! (I will have to get me one of those ships!)
There was a pretty 7-years war? game

Eagle figures always catches my eye! 
They specialise in 7 Years war figures
 Nice figures!
 Tumbling Dice had their usual display of lovely 1:600 planes and little ships.
Graham's Wuerkshoppe. You like Fantasy... 
... he is your man
 Hoka Hey wargaming a friendly retailer with an ever expanding line!
 I had a good look at their terrain...
and...their Border Reivers! 
Elizabethan English

...and some gangs!
The proprietors, one of the friendliest retailers I know!
They had some laser cut buildings which look very nice
They even had discounted X-Wing items, Ah, if only I had the cash to spare! 
They did a 'Sword and Spear' game. Sadly, some of their figures seemed to be unpainted which made the game look a little odd, at least to me!
The Durham wargamers had what was, to me, the best looking game, a lovely late 100 years war game.

Ah, another shrine! 
Dave Thomas I always spend a fair amount here!
 Their discounted Perry Mahdists and British got me this time!
Pendraken miniatures -- our club members always gets a lot of their lovely 10mm figures at shows!

Ah, lots of lovely books, I was very tempted, but strapped for cash! 
Ah, that's who they are! Worley Books! (Yes, I picked up the sign and put it back on a shelf after taking this!) 
 Reiver Castings, a local firm to us, I got some lovely Coos an' Sheep for my Reivers from there! 
 They even stock our Club Secretaries rules - 'Great Captain'
 Well, that was the main halls, I then went to the bowls pavilion, where they have the bring and buy, and a lovely looking WW1 'Mud and Blood' game to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the battle of the Somme. 

 The Bring and Buy had a lot of visitors looking for good deals, a couple of our club members got a load of lovely WW2 10mm figures for a very good price! 
So that was Durham for another year, I had a great time and got almost everything I wanted for once...
(A Spad VII for Wings of Glory
A French '74 (Duguay Trouin)
3 boxes of Mahdists, and 1 more of 1880 British.
Some transfers for repainting some Wings of Glory models.
Lots of Anglo-Saxon animals and a few civilians to finish my Saxon village project.
Some Cows and sheep for my Border Reivers project.)

 I then wandered off for lunch and a good sleep!

This year was a very good show, long may the Durham show continue!
Once again, well done and thanks to Durham Wargames club and all the traders!


  1. The show looks good and your staff is cool.
    I'm envious, here in Oz shows seem rarer and often too far to travel to!

    1. Yes, I sympathise with your plight! - we are spoiled rotten in the UK, clubs and shows everywhere, and more than our fair share of figure manufacturers!
      Oz has lots going for it though, so don't be sad!

  2. Hi Richard, interesting show....and bring and buy is always a lure but its just too far for us sadly! Were there any participation games you managed to dabble in? Shame you were put off the Sword & Spear game (better to have a few units short than unpainted figures at a show?) as they are a very good set of rules....

    1. I rarely have time for participation games, as I am browsing for goodies, and taking pics for the blog!
      Now, had there been a good Wings/sails of Glory game going.....!