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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Wildcats all at sea

Happy New Year!

Today, we had a game of Wings of Glory WW2, using the rules as standard - against my solo rules.

We had 3 Wildcats against 3 Mitsubishi Zeros. I was given command of our flight, Phil and Lawrence flew as wingmen.

Our opponents, 3 Zero fighters from Rabaul.
 Our 3 carrier based F4F Wildcats.
 The Japanese flew forward in strict formation.
 We were in a loose line, moving across their front.
 The Zeros began to line up for an attack, I signaled 'Break left!' to my wingmen. 
I immediately came nose to nose with a Zero...
...I caused a small fire on him, he missed me! 
Lawrence had passed through the Japanese line without firing, I began a hard left turn to try and get behind the Zeros. 
Where would the Japanese turn? 
Phil had turned using a 'Wing over' - 2 Zeros turned to engage him, the wounded one carried on straight, trying to douse the fire I had caused.
 Phil and the 2 Zeros closed on each other. 
 Lawrence was heading away from the battle, was he running scared?
 Phil engaged one of the Zeros, damage was equal on both planes.
Lawrence turned to re-engage! 
 As Phil passed the Zeros, I completed my turn to get on their tail.
 The damaged Zero now turned to support his wingmen. 
 Phil performed another 'Wing-over' to join me pursuing the other two.
 Before we got in range, the Zeros broke left. 
 Lawrence was now trying to rejoin the flight! 
 One of the 2 Zeros turned too fast and got caught by Phil and me.
 He survived the onslaught and slipped away between our planes.
 The burning Zero had now put out his fire, and was turning to attack us again.
 Lawrence now managed a shot at the Zero we were fighting.
 I now picked up the other Zero which damaged me. 
As I tried to shake him I got 'Scissored' by the other Zero... 
 My Wildcat exploded and plummeted to earth. 
 Lawrence hit the fire damaged Zero, luckily avoiding any return fire.
 He then headed out to join Phil, or so it appeared.
 Phil did ANOTHER wing over and caught the fire damaged Zero...
The Zero went down in flames. 
 Both sides now turned...
 ...trying to get on the relevant enemies tail. 
 They came closer and closer to each other...

Finally, the Zeros rejoined... 
...and got sandwiched between the 2 remaining Wildcats. 
A second Zero, having been already damaged, now went down. 
 The last Zero now decided discretion was in order...
 ...and flew off home!
It was a fun game to play, even if I did get killed!

Either side could have won this, but we got a bit lucky!

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