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Saturday 5 December 2015

Why Camels hate Tripe?

Today, it was just Lawrence and me, as the rest of our sub group were playing WW1 Spearhead. Eat mud, losers!
We had fun in the skies of France, in another campaign game.

The scenario we generated was a situation where our flight of 4 Sopwith Camels were ambushed by 4 Fokker Triplanes, placed randomly round the table edge.
Lawrence and I commanded a Camel each, and we each had a wingman run by the solo system
The leader of our solo run opponents, Lothar Von Richtofen. 
 His 3 assistants, the Green Fokker....
...Stripey Fokker... 
...and Blue Fokker (Yeah, these are all real colour schemes, like blue is Voss's Triplane, but it is easier to refer to them by colour, at least to me! 
 My wingman (blue disk on base) decided to go after the green Fokker.
Lothar turned sharp right to engage Lawrence and his wingman (green disk on base) 
Green and Blue Fokkers  moved straight , and in so doing drew closer together. 
Lothar turned again to outflank Lawrence's wingman - who fired out of range! 
 My wingman was closing on Green Fokker.
Blue and Stripey were looking to overwhelm him with Green! 
 Both sides closed but only Lawrence's wingman had a shot (Note, to make the game more challenging, we measure everything from stem to stem, rather than to any part of the base, to make it more challenging!) 
 Lothar passed Lawrence, who's plane overlapped him preventing shooting.
 An overview at this point...
 I turned to support my wingman. At this point it became 2 battles!
Lawrence's battle: 

Lothar moved away from Lawrence...
Ignoring Green, Lawrence's planes turned to pursue.
Lothar began a sharp turn to re-engage!
The wingman closed to engage him...
...to point blank range!
Lothar came off best...slightly!
They passed, Lawrence had got out of position but now turned to support his wingman.
Lothar moved to rejoin Green!
We had to move the cloth down to allow Lawrence's wingman to turn!
Lawrence was far off, tussling with Lothar.
Lawrence engaged nose to nose, and came off best.
The 2 combatants separated, the wingman was still far behind.
Green now tried to join Lothar in engaging Lawrence.
Lawrence turned to engage Lothar.
Lawrence was just out of range.
As they passed too fast to shoot, Green turned to rejoin the fight.
A great burst sent smoke from Lawrence's Camel.
Lawrence 'Immelmanned' and took more heavy damage from Green!
The errant wingman had been standing off, but now moved to help Lawrence.
As Lawrence chased Lothar, Green turned to face this new threat!
Both pairs began to circle for position.
Then the wingman did a 'Torque' turn right and hit Green in the flank...
Green plummeted to the ground, breaking up as he fell....
Lawrence, with only 3 points left on his aircraft, was trying to escape off table, but Lothar turned sharply and fired at him!
Lothar looked to finish Lawrence, but the wingman flew in and took the hit.
Here we switch to the other half of the battle....

My battle:

Where we left this was with the 3 Fokkers closing on my wingman. 
 The wingman fired at Green. Good job solo planes dont count non lethal special damage or jams!
  Green dived past the wingman to join the battle against Lawrence...
...as we have seen.
 Blue and Stripey were sufficient to deal with my wingman.
 Blue turned and fired an ineffective deflection shot at him  
 Now I arrived, ignoring Green, I tried to engage Stripey but was out of range.
  Stripey turned from me and damaged the wingman.
The wingman survived, so I moved to join him.  
 Both sides, reunited, now turned to re-engage.  
 With my wingman in support, I got a good hit on Blue, who missed me!  
  Blue continued past to join Stripey.
  We both turned towards each other. 
Stripey engaged me and I took heavy damage! 
 My wingman was trying to engage Blue.
I passed Stripey...  
  ...and successfully engaged Blue myself!
 My wingman's wide outflank continued.
 Stripey moved to engage him, leaving Blue to me.
 Stripey was soon all over my wingman.
 I was twisting to get Blue in my sights, and him me!
  The wingman managed to shake Stripey.
  ...and joined me in bracketing Blue.
Blue couldn't escape as we closed and took massive damage at close range...   
 He went down in flames. 
 Stripey moved to avenge his fallen comrade.
  I tried to turn on him but he eluded me...
He got a good hit on my wingman instead. 
  I 'Immelmanned' back and shook Stripey from his tail.  
Surprisingly, Stripey, seeing Lothar on his own, signalling the retreat -- now broke off into cloud and escaped.
He survived, as did Lothar

Yay, we had won! But what a tough battle it was!

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