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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Return of the Eindeckers!

Today, we planned to do an ACW skirmish at the club, at the request of a visitor to our club, Mervyn from the Coltishall Cowards wargames club in Norfolk.
(Mervyn is visiting our part of the country with his wife, looking after an elderly relative of hers)


Mervyn only had a furlough for a couple of hours, and we couldn't risk not finishing the game, so as I luckily had some WW1 planes in my bag, we did Wings of Glory instead!

Lawrence (left) with Mervyn
 Our opponents for today, a flight of RFC DH-2s
 Our Eindeckers started in echelon.
 Phil and I broke left to outflank the approaching British.
Mervyn and Lawrence broke right. 
 The DH's side slipped into 2 pairs to engage us.
I got fired at, but luckily took no damage...
 Mervyn caught a DH at close range and sent it down in flames! - Lucky, or what!
 Mervyn seemed happy!
 We now tried to take advantage of our sudden, unexpected, advantage in numbers!
Fortunately, the British were having no luck shooting either! 
 Mervyn and I picked on the same DH-2, but Mervyn's guns jammed.
(An overview at this point) 
Lawrence, working out the solo rules for the British. 
The DH's were holding their own and evading our attacks. 
 Mervyn found himself slightly out of position as the battle moved away from him. 
I had (another!) useless round of firing! 
 Lawrence, in attempting to attack one enemy 'kite' got ambushed by another.
 The 2 DH's escaped undamaged.
 Mervyn was now getting back into the battle.
Unfortunately, his earlier excellence in shooting had deserted him!
 Phil did better against another DH, but jammed his gun.
 I managed to get another shot in - and actually caused damage!
 Lawrence and a DH2 started a private duel on the flank.
 I was managing to keep a bead on my quarry.
 Mervyn got his aim back and peppered another DH.
 Lawrence managed to escape his duelling partner.
 I was STILL keeping on the tail of that DH, and doing real damage!
 Eventually though, the DH gave me the slip. 
 The battle was devolving into a series of individual duels.
 Lawrence got the better of a nose to nose pass.
 ..and carried on.
 The British were doing well in the centre.
 A DH locked onto Phil's tail.
 Poor Phil was getting all the attention of the British!
 However, Phil 'Immelmanned' and punished his pursuer.
 (An overview at this point)
 Phil was having a field day!
 ...and evading the British.
 I got another 0!
 Phil took over again....
 ...and sent the hapless DH down in flames!
 The remaining British now fled...
They had fought hard and well, and didn't deserve such a drubbing! 
 That was a good game! Amazingly, we had finished just 10 minutes ahead of our target time to let Mervyn get away, so...

 ...Just time for a quick chat!

Mervyn, you are welcome back anytime!!!


  1. Well apart from the suggestion that was a lucky shot I thought that was a fair reflection of the engagement!! Thats the first time I've used an Eindecker and I was very impressed as you can imagine!
    Just wanted to say thanks to you, Lawrence and Phil in particular for the warm welcome, and for accommodating me in a game - most kind. I hope if you ever find yourself lost in Norwich you will give us a shout - we play 7 to 11 on Fridays and all day the last Sunday each month.
    I wish you and your club all the best, hope to see you again either there or at a show at some time.

    1. Thanks Mervyn, we all enjoyed having you at our club. I am glad you enjoyed your brief stay!
      As I remember, the last time I was lost in Norwich was when I got dropped off there in 1972, at 5 in the morning, waiting for a bus to Reedham!
      Thanks for the offer to visit lovely Norfolk again, please say 'Hi' to all at your club from we Northern Barbarians!

  2. Glad to look at these splendid planes in action!