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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Red Army-just passing through!

Today, Rod was with us again, and we, once again, gave him the choice of game he wanted to play.
He chose WW2 Eastern front skirmish!

We once again chose a German force to face, and chose lettered counters to represent their positions.
They were randomly placed, mixed with dummy markers, in groups.
The first group included command elements, mortar batteries etc, and were placed at the back of the German deployment area.
Anti Tank guns were placed next, in positions giving long lanes of fire.
Machine guns were placed next, followed by standard infantry groups.
We usually randomly remove some of the counters from each stack so we are not sure what we are facing!

In addition, some counters represented a mortar attack (we do snipers this way too!) This saves having to move mortar observers etc secretly!

We decided to keep it simple today, and let my rules' solo system run the Germans and our tank. Our mission was to cross the table by mid-afternoon!
Ian used a 'platoon' of partisans on our left, Rod, Lawrence and I used a regular squad each, and we were supported by a lone T-34.

 The T-34 had a small group of PPSH armed Tankovy desant to protect it from Panzerfausters!
 As we advanced, we were being observed! 
 The PaK 40 was perfectly positioned to protect the road.
 However, the first round passed just over the tank!
The Desanti infantry jumped off and the tank fired back. 
A lucky hit! The crew was suppressed and one of the gunners wounded! 
The Partisans now came under mortar fire.
The vast majority of the partisans were untouched though and continued their advance on the AT gun's position.
 The PaK was wheeled back by its crew deeper into the wood.
 To our rear, Lawrence and Rod's sections followed our attack.
A Political officer and the partizan captain 'encouraged' the survivors of the mortared section to rejoin the attack! 
 With the German gun nowhere in sight, the tank restarted its attack.
 The German crew now seemed to think their lot was up, and seeing themselves being surrounded began to advance their gun!
They arrived, and unseen by the advancing tank, layed their gun. 
 At this range, it was hard to miss, and a shot ripped away the left track of the T-34! 
 As the crew rapidly reloaded, one of the crew fell! - the outflanking partisans had arrived!
 The tank crew baled out, and hid behind their wrecked vehicle. 
 The partisans made short work of the brave German gunners. 
 After defeating the gun, the Russians began to wonder where all the other Germans were? round the farm, perhaps?
 My section advanced past the wrecked gun, and spotted a small group of German infantry. They opened fire. 
 The surprised Germans held their nerve, and shot back.
 However, soon, only the German Feldwebel remained. 
 My squad began to advance and finish him off!
 Big mistake, this guy was a hero!
 My first attack left one of my men stunned, and being used as a human shield by the valiant fascist!
 We renewed our attack to rescue Oleg!
As we left the wood though, German mortars opened up on my section. 
 ...Then, on the partisans, rather less effectively.
 It was too little, too late though, as our force ran for the table edge and safety! - a surprisingly easy victory in the end!

We were right, about 20 German soldiers with 4 MG34's were around the farmhouse, but we avoided them by taking our wide outflank.

This was a fun game!

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