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Saturday 22 March 2014

A Call to Muster 2014

I didn't post last week, when we did a Coastal Forces game, as I forgot my camera!
Suffice to say, we had a good game which would have made a good blog post....sigh!


Today, we got the bus - well, a couple of buses, down to Middlesbrough for this years 'A Call to Muster' show.
This was held in the Southlands Leisure centre - where SmoggyCon had previously been (Its moved to Stockton for 2014) - and was only held in the large gymnasium hall, rather than in 2 halls like SmoggyCon.

Unfortunately for me, the Gym has that awful yellow lighting which, although you don't notice it when you are figure browsing, really messes up your photos!

My apologies in advance, therefore, for the poor picture quality!

We arrived at the show early, but a lot of the games were already set up. (this was the Guisborough gamers lovely western town, at this stage denuded of its inhabitants!)
Our lads! - here, Little Peter is sorting out some Crimean war Russians for their game. 
'Something to do with dice's' Old West shoot 'em up game..very pretty! 
Forces 80's lovely display of British weapons and equipment from, you guessed it, the 1980's.
The folk were very friendly and helpful...
Ah, an old friend, an SLR --between the GPMG and the Stirling, sigh!
This picture shows how yellow it looked!!!! 
 IPMS Cleveland's display of models... 
 ...An interesting mix of models on display!
Yeah, the neat alien fighter from 'Independence day'.
 A really impressive collection of large scale Panzers.
Redcar Iron Beards 15mm WW2 game. 
Lawrence, from our club, doing what I was doing, buying goodies! 
 Some of the traders present.... (? these are Four A miniatures?)...
 Midlam miniatures.
Our friends from Westerhope Wargames Group, doing a very pretty 'El Cid' game. 
 Spanish Knights on the offensive!
The hordes of Islam await the attack! (For more on this game, please go to Westerhope Wargames Group blog )
Some monks trying to persuade the Spanish, God is on their side!
A Pegasus bridge game.
Warlord Games impressive stand, good job I was spent up when I reached here!! 
 The usual book stalls were present..
Colonel Bills stand, some lovely things on offer and friendly staff! 
 We are always tempted by the lovely (and expanding!) range of 4ground buildings...
This 15mm ruined street display really caught our attention... 
..the detail was stunning!
Marching in Colour's display, I really liked those Hoplites!!!
 Lonestar Old West Re-enactment group's ACW Union cavalry display.
 Lots of lovely carbines and pistol.
 Some Yankee cavalrymen!
 Independent Wargames Group's 30mm 7-Years war game...Prussians...
 ...Vs Austrians of course.
The fantasy/Sci-Fi corner of the show, Waugh games stall...
Northumbrian Tin Soldier's stand, (is it me, or do the staff look ideal for selling this sort of Dark fantasy range!) 
 The Durham pals were back, always a nice display. 
Darlington Military Modelling's attractive stand. 

And finally, a couple of views across the yellow hall...

This was a good show, though we missed stalls like 'Old Glory', 'Dave Thomas' and 'Last Valley'

This could be the last 'Call to muster' show, or maybe it will follow Smoggycon to pastures new.

Incidentally. Battleground (formerly Smoggycon) is on Saturday 29th November at Queens campus sports hall in Stockton-on Tees this year.

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  1. Nice collection of photos, thanks for sharing.
    Pleased you like the Hoplites, they are nice models.