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Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Russian Dasher

Today we did a WW2 skirmish based on the Russian advances in 1944. The aim of the game was to get to and clear a landing stage on a river to allow supply barges to land there.
We had to clear the target by 4.30pm on our clock, we started at 12.30, so we had our work cut out for us!
As ever, the German opposition was run by the solo system in my rules TWC downloads page

Poor Phil was tricked into taking the command for the day! Lawrence, Ian and I got small platoon commands.

Phil decided we would advance on a broad front, then head down the riverside road to the Dacha and landing stage. We had 2 model 1943 T-34s in support.

Lawrence's new river sections, from The Last Valley, with new improved curvy sections!  
 My 2 sections, supported by a model 1912 Maxim. 
 From the left, Ian, Phil and Lawrences units at game start.
My men took the lead on the right, supported by Lawrence and a T-34. 
My second section followed the first, but no Germans were seen by either section. 
Phil and Ian pushed on using the tanks as cover and support.  
 My forward team spotted 2 Stugs in an ambush position over the river. 
 Unfortunately, a group of supporting infantry saw my men and opened up.
 One of my DP teams got badly shot up and dived for cover!
 A T-34 raced across the front of the Stugs, which failed to hit it.
 Phils men came up in support of my men, who were losing the firefight.
 The T-34 we saw earlier ran into a Panzerjager team and a penetrating hit stunned the crew. The Germans engaged Phil's men with an HMG.
 Ian's force held back, observing some buildings before advancing.
They spotted a group of Germans in a wood. 

 Ian's men poured massive fire into the wood.
Phil's infantry ran in support of the tanks and killed or drove off the Panzerschreck teams.
 The damaged tank withdrew while the crew made urgent repairs.
 Ian's men engaged more Germans in the buildings, though not without loss. 
 Out shot, the Germans withdrew to cover further back.
Phil's men charged and broke the infantry covering the StuGs. 
..then pursued and killed the remaining Germans. 
 The StuGs missed Phils men, fortunately, but a brave Russian with an RPG-1 (from Lawrences force) approached a Stug and found the weapon was a dud! - my men had done more to the Stugs, they killed the commander of the nearside Stug (who was firing an MG42)-with a rifle shot.
 Good job we had an Anti Tank Rifle in support too!
 With the front line of Germans defeated, everyone pushed for the river road, led by my men.
As we went across the open ground, a Stug fired..
 3 of my men were killed by a 75mm round.
 Just too late, the 3rd shot from the AT rifle started an ammunition fire in the nearest StuG.
 My men were moving rapidly down the riverside road, supported by the damaged T-34. 
A couple of Germans Ian had driven off, returned to shoot at his men as they bypassed their position.
 Another Russian soldier fell.
 As the tank approached the Dacha, it spotted the German command group and destroyed them with its guns. 
 At the moment of victory, the tank took a penetrating hit from...
 An 88mm Flak gun on its flank! 
The supporting infantry, supported by a Maxim engaged the gun..
Leaving a dead crewman, and being unsupported, the crew abandoned the gun. 

The battle was won! - a Stug and half the German infantry escaped to the rear, but we had taken relatively light casualties (though my platoon took 40% losses!)

Everyone seemed to enjoy the game though, which is the true victory!


  1. Great report Herky, was fun to read, just can't beat that red charging horde.

  2. Thanks Guys!

    As ever, kind comments help me to keep blogging!..it really makes the task worthwhile!

    Happy gaming!