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Sunday 7 July 2013

1914 again!

Yesterday, we had a WW1 Spearhead game again, this time I opted to join the German side.

(As can be noted, I got my cloths back! - Happy days are here again!)

The aim for the German attack (By 2 Korps) - a rail junction.
 A sizeable German attack formed up opposite the junction.
 To their right, the approach was heavily defended by forts and trenches on a ridge.
The French were deployed  in depth, well provided with artillery 
The French right  held a wood in front of the rail station. 
 Behind the forts several lines of French waited.
 (at the bottom of the picture some Landeswehr positioned to outflank the French)
As the German line attacked, their artillery quickly demolished a fort.
All along the ridge, the French infantry began taking a terrible toll on their enemies. 
Seeing the position as being vulnerable, the French commander ordered his 2nd line reserves forward 
Opposite the rail junction, the Germans attacked in mass. 
The French seemed outnumbered, could they hold? 
This could be a battle winning stroke! 
 The French reserves attacked the Landeswehr with cavalry, while the infantry reinforced the forts and trenches.
A bone of contention ..in the centre the German attack was screened by, apparently invulnerable skirmishing cavalry, preventing the French engaging the infantry?
 The German attack on the forts progressed, and the French fled from the trenches near the destroyed fort.
 The other fort, and its entrenched defenders were holding the Germans off!
The Landeswehr were being cut up by French cavalry and machine-guns. 
(An overview of the centre from the French side) 
Opposite the junction, the Germans came under devastating  French artillery fire. 
...But the German infantry ploughed on and were weakening the front line of French.
The French on the hill finally fled.
 The reserve French infantry counter-attacked around the destroyed fort. 
They routed the regiment facing them
...but could they plug the gap in the French centre? 
The Landeswehr bravely held on against the French horse, and even assaulted the remaining fort! 
 At this point, a French cavalry division appeared opposite the Landeswehr! 
 They advanced against little opposition!
 Just in time, a German cavalry division came to reinforce the Landeswehr
 The Landeswehr gratefully fled leaving the German Ritters to face the French cavalry!
The French paused after seeing this new threat! 
 Opposite the rail junction, the Germans withdrew, unable to face the massed French guns!
 The German cavalry commander quickly decided to deal with the French cavalry, but he would have to remove their supporting infantry first!
The first German cavalry brigade took heavy casualties as they went in.. 
As the German cavalry attacked, back in the centre the lines of infantry were still grinding at each other.
But what of the left German wing facing the rail junction?
The French held back, covered by their artillery. 
 The Germans felt they had insufficient strength left to attack them.
 Back with the cavalry battle, the French Hussars charged and broke the German cavalry brigade engaged with the infantry.
The Germans cavalry advanced covered by their Jagers  - most of the French cavalry decided to move towards the centre rather than face them!
 The French left a single line to defend their flank. 
They were rapidly engaged by the German cavalry. 
 The mass of the French moved up to defend the centre.
 A mix of Artillery and fire from a German cavalry brigade (just out of picture here) managed to break them before they took the trenchline.
 The German cavalry swept all before them and the French cavalry mostly broke.
The Germans had mostly captured the fort/trench system at this time, when we had to finish the game. It was determined this counted as a minor German victory, as the French still held the vital rail line.

Hard game! - but enjoyed by all!


  1. Good to see GWSH out again...

    Kind regards

  2. Cracking photography as usual Rich, really glad you enjoyed the game.

    The British are coming!