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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Halberstadts over Flanders

As the title suggests, we did a Wings of Glory 1916 game today!
We used the Fokker Eindeckers last time, where I got killed, so this time upped the Germans to Halberstadt D2s!
These had been in my WofG box for a couple of months, so it was good to get them out!

Our opponents, four Halberstadt D2s.
 We were flying our DH2s.
 The Germans flew towards us in a line abreast formation.
Lawrence and I headed nose to nose with the Boche,  Gareth made a mistake with his orders....oops!
 The following turn, Gareth turned to rejoin us, but had a lot of airspace to make up! 
As we approached, My plane (A) tried to sideslip out right, but the leftmost German matched my manoeuvre. 
Neither side got a shot as we passed at high speed, well, over 100 mph! 
 We turned on each other...
Lawrence (C) got a hit on the (red) Halberstadt, but jammed his guns. 
 My turn got me a clean shot!
 Gareth finally engaged, but neither he or his opponent caused damage.
 My long turn gave me another good firing solution.
 ..and another!
 Lawrence also had some luck.
 But poor Gareth (B) couldn't hit!
 As we closed again in a series of turns, there was a lot of shooting, but only I got a hit. Lawrence and Gareth both jammed..again!
 As we manoeuvred, the DH2s got in a furball!
 We managed to get a 1:1 with a Halberstadt each.
 Lawrence got a good tail on two Germans, but was still clearing his gun jam!
 The other Germans were turning onto Lawrence's tail.
 The Halberstadt's Lawrence was chasing 'Immelmanned' to face him, but only he got a shot..and jammed again!
 Gareth got hit next when 2 Halberstadts moved in on him. 
 Gareth fell to a close shot soon after.
 Our 2 remaining planes were soon up to our ears in enemies!, but Lawrence, now able to fire again got a great shot on the 'Red' Halberstadt.
 Unable to shake him, the 'Red' Halberstadt finally fell.
 I got on the tail of a Halberstadt again.
 It was still 3-2 against us.

 Lawrence got a bloody nose against a German going nose to nose.
 A Halberstadt Immelmanned in front of me.
 I almost collided as I closed! 
 Lawrence was keeping the other 2 enemy planes busy.
 ..with a series of turns.
 As he closed on one Lawrence jammed again!
 ..but kept the German off my tail as I pursued my quarry.
 One more turn of shooting saw a second plane fall.
 It was now 2-2.
 Lawrence went after the surviving Germans.
 I was moving to join him.
 These planes are SLOW compared to an SE5a!!!
 I finally got a good hit on a Halberstadt...
 ..which saw them break and run for home!
Fierce game! - we found it a more genteel type of game than the usual cut and thrust of 1917 , but good fun nonetheless! - it was only sad that Gareth got killed so early!

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