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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Border Reiver 2012: Mellow yellow

At last! - the August break from wargaming is over, and as usual I was at the excellent Border Reiver show- in Gateshead this year!

The venue shift from the Metro radio Arena in Newcastle was very welcome, the sports hall at the Gateshead International Stadium is much better!

The only problems with the venue were the yellow lighting, which makes picture taking difficult (at least for me!) and the high humidity. Apart from that..Brilliant!
Many thanks to the Border Reiver wargames club for hosting the show!

A very nice report is already on a blog I follow: Another Slight Diversion - Andy's pictures are far better than mine!

Still, here goes....
Brian, a new visitor to our club
 One of several intriguing Sci-Fi games on.
Ainsty castings stall...lots of nice resin cast terrain! 
 Lots of lovely figures for sale..Oh, my aching wallet!
 A fun Roman vs Celt ancient game with homecast (Prince August) figures - run by Westerhope Wargames group!
Glasgow Phoenix's Star Wars game..my favourite of the day. 
 Those Imperial troops are sooo cooool! 
Ewan, a friendly chap from the Glasgow club. 
More lovely flags and figures! 
Lawrence and Phil from our club...Doh! 
er...Lawrence and Phil from our club!! 

Lots of other pictures came out fuzzy or so yellow and dim I had to trash them, and even these are awful!...sorry about that!....It was a very good show, roll on next year!

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  1. The lighting and venue remind me of Cavalier that we go to every February!