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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Another working Saturday...Sigh!

I was working yet again last Saturday...but managed to snap a few shots at the club during my lunch break:

Craig, Pete and Frankie doing a Chinese battle using their 'Great Captains' rules. 
..The usual hordes of Napoleonic players!
 ..doing 6mm this week - looked good!
Ian, Lawrence and Phil, my usual cohorts, were trying the 'Tinker Fox' wars of religion campaign system for English civil war..they seem promising, with a few modifications?
One of Ian's garrisons, defending a barrier from a different civil war????
Being attacked by Lawrence and Phil's whitecoats.. 
 ..and Horse.
The Dastardly Royalists won apparently!

I will be gaming for the next 3 weeks if all goes well before I work another Saturday.
The next game we plan to do will be a Wars of the Roses skirmish with my (hopefully repainted in the correct livery at last!) Percies!


  1. Working saturdays!! I hate that..the weeks gets sooo long!!
    Still you got time to get some pics of the game. I look forawrd to the WotR´s game

  2. WoooHOOO! Royalists FTW!

    The ACW rail-fence was vizrepping for improvised defences at the ford...

    ...which availed the treacherous rebels nought but the exercise gained in their construction!

    (I marched my pikemen over the mill-race downstream instead!)

    God save the King!

  3. Thanks for the photos, some nice games going on.